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Frustrating Situation

2022.01.27 15:06 ChuDimpz Frustrating Situation

Alright I apologize if this ends up a bit long-winded..
So to start, I (24F) broke up with my boyfriend (29M) after 3 years together several months ago. I currently still live with him in the house that he owns (separate bedrooms), and I pay rent. He also had requested that I stay in the house for now to help with bills. It's been a mostly amicable breakup thus far, however the general dynamic is that he is actively trying to win me back over, while I'm not very receptive to it and I currently don't have any true desire to work things out romantically. My reasons for breaking up with him would have to go in another post, but a very, VERY condensed gist of it is that I felt like my life was drifting in an entirely different direction than his, and I wish to focus on myself in regards to mental and physical health. Regardless if he tells me I'm selfish for it.
Lately I have been dealing with extremely low bouts of depression, and in general I feel like I'm struggling greatly with mental health. For example, I'm now starting to become aware that I've developed a bit of dependency on alcohol. Though I do still have enough self-control that I won't drink more than one drink between work days and even in some situations where I'm upset and greatly desire to drink, I don't always do it.
A lot of my general frustration deals with the fact that I don't feel like I have true free reign to do what I want, or talk to who I want. Basically, to function as a single woman. I don't necessarily want to go around and have a bunch of hook-ups nor am I looking to just dive in another relationship, but I do want to basically just do my own thing, keep to myself and just exist as I am without him as a partner. Now while I do still greatly care about him as a person, and I wish no ill will- I get incredibly frustrated that I feel like I have to tell him where I'm going (so he "doesn't worry") or that if I'm out late he feels the need to message me, and if I don't answer that - he calls. He doesn't get angry or really try to pry in my business for the most part but I digress. I do always try to consider and understand where he is coming from, but God I'm tired of constantly feeling guilty when I shouldn't have to.
Another big thing that I've been pondering on lately is that, say we're sitting around the house and drinking. I'll usually get decently inebriated since screw it- I'm already home. Almost without fail, he'll ask if I want to join him in his room for the night (though not 100% to just have sex). I have, when drunk enough, slept in his bed with him a few times now. Not really cuddling him or even facing him but I still went in there (I kick myself for it later). This has now started to make me extremely weary of hanging out with him when alcohol is involved, I guess because I feel taken advantage of in a way?
Anyway, in general he's trying to win me back over but situations like that make me weary or guarded which also feeds into my general irritation towards him, that in turn is spawning more arguments, causing me a constant state of stress and struggles with some pretty deep depression and lack of self-worth. I just want to isolate and hide away but I feel like I just don't get that chance because he's going out of his way to keep trying to get affection from me.
I honestly have a lot more to say. And I think I mostly just want other people's take on it. I just feel stuck because I'm not currently financially able to move, plus I have two dogs there with me that makes finding another place that much more difficult. Messages welcome.
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2022.01.27 15:06 Adventurous-Hat-1342 Golf giveaway/raffle group. Past winner won a free Spider putter. Join now https://www.facebook.com/groups/237633125173084/

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2022.01.27 15:06 tekdude $20 off first $25 order! Use promo code EATS-TONYE152

Thanks in advance!
Code for copy: EATS-TONYE152
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2022.01.27 15:06 md-gridasov #time #life

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2022.01.27 15:06 Gingeredhead Any interactions between those supplements? Also, any instructions on when to take?

Basically title. So, I'm taking on daily basis magnesium citrate, curcumin, ginger, zinc and probiotics. Thinking about going back to Inositol as well. Any recommendations on when to take all of those?
I'm taking the probiotics after breakfast, as well as curcumin. After lunch the ginger. And around afternoon magnesium. At evening time I'm taking the zinc.
Is that ok?
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2022.01.27 15:06 resueman__ [Update] - Inventory Changes, New Quirks, and More!

Original Post Embedded Image Hey guys! I hope you’re doing great! Here’s what’s new in this update:
Gladiator Inventory ChangesThere was an easy way to beat the game. Choose a few strong gladiators, upgrade their building to max (that will allow you to put six items on them), and they will become way too strong. Get a few of those gladiators, and you don’t need to consider tactics too much. Just force your way through the game. This was taking away a lot of fun and was making many gladiators feel like they are OP. We talked with players and come up with a solution. Now upgrading gladiator buildings no longer expand their inventory slots. At this moment they only increase the amount of experience gladiators will earn. Because of this, we made them much less expensive to upgrade now. In order to get a new slot for gladiator, they need to reach a higher level. Every 5 levels earn gladiator a new inventory slot. Embedded Image
This will prevent OP strategies with a team of a few gladiators and instead put more focus on tactics, using the best gladiators for each situation and countering the enemy team. It will also encourage trying out and adding new gladiator types into your team. Before new gladiators would start with only 2 inventory slots (before upgrading their building), making them always weaker than your current fighters. Now they will not have this disadvantage anymore.
Another inventory change that we believe will make the game more fun (and was something requested by many players), is that one gladiator can no longer hold two identical items. So you need to find a good balance of items for each of them instead of using 6 same strength items on Mace Orc and letting him one hit everybody.
We know that some of you guys got used to the previous mechanic and might take time to adapt to this change. But by thinking a lot about this and talking with you guys on Discord, we decided to make these changes. Try them out and tell us what you think. Btw, this change in inventory will only happen if you start a new game. Otherwise, it would ruin your current game as you’ve built a tactic around the previous inventory mechanic.
New QuirksWe have added new quirks that will be appearing on gladiators. Some of the quirks require stats like the number of enemies a gladiator killed or information on how long you had a gladiator in your guild. So now when you click on the gladiators “More Info” button you’ll see some additional stats about that gladiator: Embedded Image Embedded Image
Here are the new quirks: Upcoming Mental BreakdownWhen the battle starts gladiator has increased Main Stat by 30%. But after killing more than 50 enemies, the gladiator will instead lose 30% of Main Stat. Embedded Image Enough Is EnoughIf the gladiator died more than 10 times, their Main Stat is increased by 40% when the battle starts. Embedded Image Old TimerWhen the battle starts gladiator loses stamina by 5%. Each month this number is increased by 5%. (max 50%) Embedded Image Resurrection SensitivityWhen the battle starts gladiator has increased Main Stat by 30%. But for each death permanently loses 10%. (max -50%) Embedded Image IntrovertWhen the battle starts gladiator has increased Main Stat by 30%. But for each additional friendly gladiator loses 10%. (max -60%) Embedded Image ExtrovertWhen the battle starts gladiator has decreased Main Stat by 30%. But for each additional friendly gladiator gains 10%. (max 60%) Embedded Image Wind RiderHas 40% higher Main Stat during Heavy Wind weather. Embedded Image Crimson LungsDuring Crimson Mist weather gladiator has 25% higher Main Stat and restores stamina 100% faster. Embedded Image Rain AbsorberDuring Rain weather, the gladiator heals 5% of their max health each 1 second. Embedded Image Feeling At HomeIf a gladiator spent more than 3 months in your guild his Main Stat gets increased by 35% when the battle starts. Embedded Image NegotiatorGladiator is willing to join your team for free but demands triple wages. Embedded Image Energy VampireEach attack takes away 5% stamina from the enemy and restores 5% to this gladiator. Embedded Image Lone WolfWhen alone in the arena (has no ally gladiators), their Main Stat is increased by 80%. Embedded Image
Weather BuffsA player in our Discord Server pointed out a very interesting fact. That it’s not really fun playing around negative weather buffs. For example, if it’s raining, gladiators will have their strength decreased by 30%. Meaning that you should probably avoid using Berserker Orcs in this battle. But players tend to ignore this as an annoying nuisance. It would be way more interesting if different weathers would increase gladiator stats. For example, rain would increase strength by 30%, which would mean that using Berserker Orcs is a great opportunity to gain an advantage in that particular battle. So we listened to this feedback and did just that. Now the 3 basic kinds of weather (not counting consistent weather buffs that Ancient Temple or Hollow Mountain arenas have) are now increasing stats instead of decreasing them.
Permadeath gold compensation scaleHere are some more feedback-based changes (Lots of those in this update ːsteamhappyː). It was pointed out to us that playing on PermaDeath without Gold Compensation for dead gladiators is just way too hard. But playing with Gold Compensation turned on is fairly easy as you get to replace your fallen gladiators with all this extra gold (30% of gladiators and their item values). Of course, this will all depend on the player’s skill. So we decided to turn the Gold Compensation toggle into a slider. Now instead of turning it on or off, you can choose the percentage of gold that you’ll get for your fallen gladiators and set the difficulty that is the most fun to you. Embedded Image
What is Next?Now as we tweaked some important things about the game and added some more content, we started working on the Tournament Mode. That will be the quick, simplified, endless mode. Something that you can play in 10-20 minutes, test how many rounds you can reach, earn a score and compare it with other players. A fun little mode that you can play quickly from time to time, while you wait for new content.
You won’t have guild, wages, or quests. You will have five lives. There will be about six regular battles, then a boss battle, and a reward for finishing the round. Each would get harder and harder until you can no longer defeat enemies. So you can test your skills and see how far you can get. Embedded Image
As we’re developing it we might adapt things but this is the core idea.
Join us on Discord Community where we’ll share the progress and also tell you when the beta version of this mode is ready for testing before we publish it into the main game. Embedded Image
Your feedback has been amazing and is helping us make a way better game. Join us and let’s discuss this new mode as well while we’re working on it.
Thank you all for your support and kindness! -Entertainment Forge Team
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2022.01.27 15:06 thepossum624 DayZ is fucking with my reality…

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2022.01.27 15:06 Rathinagiri 3D Stereo Fractal-a-Day 2022-01-27

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2022.01.27 15:06 RenoFahringerSpotify Still Woozy: If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is Vinyl LP

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2022.01.27 15:06 anonomus10101011 Peacemaker official playlist

Absolutely slaps on Spotify. 10/10 recommend.
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2022.01.27 15:06 Busy-Bonus3010 Anybody think the exchange will be out in April ?

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2022.01.27 15:06 Hassan_Gym Potential Cure for HIV Clinical Trial Has Started.

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2022.01.27 15:06 Objective-Ad-466 We should be able to pick between Main Class Skills rather than me locked into our primary class:

So I was thinking about it and figured I'd share. I think that if you are playing HunteTechter you should be able to pick between War Cry & Shifta/Deband (etc), rather than to be locked into War Cry as hunter or Shifta/Deband as Techter.
That is all.
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2022.01.27 15:06 FatBoiEatingGoldfish image after seeing some recent posts to this sub

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2022.01.27 15:06 Ghostmouse88 I believe in the following

  1. Workers rights
  2. Social rights
  3. Fair economy
  4. Fair taxes - Tax Justice
  5. Low carbon economy
  6. Life and dignity for all - Social rights
  7. Gender equality - Social Rights
  8. Combat social exclusion - Social Rights
  9. Safeguarding democracy.
  10. Consumer and privacy protection.
  11. Migration and refugee solidarity.
  12. Women's rights
It is called NewRevolution
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2022.01.27 15:06 throwaway21200115 Poki, Rae and Aria

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2022.01.27 15:06 AdTypical7284 Is there a way to use extended markdown?

Hello everyone this is my very first post on reddit, I am currentyl bulding a very simple blog with flask and I am using well flask-markdown which is great but when trying to use the the extended syntax it does not work.
So I was wondering if there is a flask extension or a extension to the flask markdown one that can add it, I've looked all over the web and have not been able to find anything.
Thank you all very much in advance! :)
Is there a way to enable extended syntax for flask mardown?
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2022.01.27 15:06 thedesperaterun Why do Harley Riders keep putting stuff under my motorcycle?

I was at a bar frequented by bikers on an awesome backroad. We got there early and over the course of the evening, more and more bikers showed up. When we left, my friend had rice under his bike and I had a set of ugly false teeth under mine.
This is the third time this has happened to me and the 4-5th time it has happened to my friend. What does this mean? I put the first two sets of teeth on a string and have them on my handlebar, but I don’t want any more. If I start leaving them on the ground, will they get offended? My friend never picks up the rice.
Should I be leaving something under their bikes in return?
I don’t think they’re 1%ers.
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2022.01.27 15:06 nouniqueideas007 Joey doesn’t share food

But in TOW Rachel Goes Back to Work, Phoebe asks Joey for a sip of coffee & a bite of his muffin. And Joey says ‘Okay’. He has no issue about sharing. He only has a problem when she takes all of his food.
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2022.01.27 15:06 zoocofyork [H] AT&T Apple iPhone Xs Max [A1921] 256 GB Mint Condition [W] Paypal

timestamp https://imgur.com/a/99eA2W2
256 GB iPhone Xs Max that I used for two months before upgrading through at&t. it's been sitting in my iphone 11 box for awhile now and i figured its time to sell it. looking for $350 shipping included.
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2022.01.27 15:06 Juliartworks Stainless steel pendant

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2022.01.27 15:06 VeraKatzHologram My opinion: We lost Intel jobs because Ohio worked hard for them

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2022.01.27 15:06 Powri Pick up line

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2022.01.27 15:06 mangroveassassin Non functioning palm supports-fuck it let’s just leave them on until the cows come home

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2022.01.27 15:06 vixenviola My kids restarted my game!!

So I went to log in to my year 3 farm today and it is on day 1 😭😭! All my hrs work gone! So I’m just going to take this as a sign to start over and do things better! I know I want to be with Gray, so that is easy. What are some things I should do from day 1 to make things go smooth and easy??
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