Why do you continue?

Define why. why synonyms, why pronunciation, why translation, English dictionary definition of why. adv. For what purpose, reason, or cause; with what intention, justification, or motive: Why is the door shut? Knowing your why is an important first step in figuring out how to achieve the goals that excite you and create a life you enjoy living (versus merely surviving!). Indeed, only when you know your ... Synonyms for WHY: ah, aha, come on, fie, indeed, my word, no, pshaw Download WHY: http://hollywoodrecs.co/SabrinaWhyStream WHY: http://hollywoodrecs.co/SabrinaWhyWSHi everyone! Here’s my new music video for my single “WHY."xx... why: [conjunction] the cause, reason, or purpose for which. Why?: Directed by Corbin Timbrook. With Allison McAtee, Chris Browning, Michael Krause, Shelby Janes. Writer Blake Sinclair finds herself in a fight for her life against a bloodthirsty maniac who has been leaving multiple victims in his wake as he returns to the mountain town of Northdale. At first, parents delight in the “wondering whys” (“Why is the sky blue?”), proud of their child’s intelligence and curiosity. Sooner or later, though, most parents will tire of their ... Annie Lennox - Why (Official Video)Listen on Spotify - http://smarturl.it/Lennox_SPTTListen on Apple Music - http://smarturl.it/Lennox_AMEAmazon - http://sma... “Start with Why is one of the most useful and powerful books I have read in years. Simple and elegant, it shows us how leaders should lead.”-WILLIAM URY, coauthor of Getting to Yes “Start with Why fanned the flames inside me. This book can lead you to levels of excellence you never considered attainable.” Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership -- starting with a golden circle and the question: "Why?" His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Wright brothers ...

2022.01.27 15:49 Master_Tao Why do you continue?

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2022.01.27 15:49 ZealousPurgator Sacred Republic Modified Humans(Art by AvesAdversary of Deviantart)

Some art depicting a sub-species of humanity from my original fiction universe. ---
"Toll the bell once, and give praise in your heart to the Father of Mutation."
"Toll the bell twice, and scourge your mind and your flesh of their impurities."
"Toll the bell thrice, and enter in to the straight gate, to accomplish the work of the Lord."
Brother-Superior Cafka, Order of St. Lejeune.
The defining event of the twenty-seventh century were the Genome Wars, a fifty-seven year period of constant, apocalyptic warfare that raged across humanity's fledgling interstellar realm. So terrible was the fighting - and so horrible were the beasts bred during it - that when baseline humanity finally triumphed, the newly-founded Terran Federal Union swore to a singular, inviolable oath: that genetic engineering would be henceforth banned eternally, save for edits made solely to correct or eliminate clear birth defects.
Naturally, the Sacred Republic of Haven thinks itself beyond such petty, pagan superstition.
From its inception, the Republic has engaged in heavy genetic modification of all its citizens, in four of their five constituent species. To the surprise of some, this was not done in some deluded attempt to create a 'master race,' but - nominally, at least - for purely pragmatic, military reasons. Perfect soldiers, not perfect citizens, has always been Haven's end goal.
Though there have been several 'updates' to the Sacred Republic's citizenry over the course of its existence, the basic package has always remained the same:
Reaction times are greatly enhanced via hypermyelination of the axons to give lightning-fast battlefield reflexes and strategic decision-making. Baseline strength is increased by induced myostatin deficiencies to better support heavy armor and ensure lethality in close combat. Bones are strengthened to make them harder to break. Limbic systems are altered, making it so that high-stress situations are universally met with snarling anger and resolve instead of frightened panic. As fear is useful at lower stress levels, it is allowed to remain. In one of the few non-combat augmentations, the mechanisms responsible for sexual pair-bonding are accelerated and magnified, making both parties practically incapable of cheating on each other - a concession to Haven's obsession with the heterosexual pair-bond. Height variation is reduced, and subjects are shorter overall than their baseline counterparts to ease armor supply lines.
Interestingly for such an authoritarian polity, none of the Republic's gene-mods affect the suggestibility, compliance, or docility of their citizens. This is another decision based on morality rather than pragmatism, as the Sacred Republic believes that salvation must be chosen freely with one's own will - as such, they refuse to alter the 'mechanisms of salvation.' This is also the reason why the alterations include no boosts to the subject's intelligence.
More specific to humans, the Republic's gene-mods cause a restoration of humanity's basal prognathism, along with a lengthening of the canine teeth to gelada-like lengths in males and chimpanzee/baboon-like lengths in females. This mutation is meant to act as a sort of ultimate holdout weapon, forcing captors to either keep a Havenite prisoner muzzled or to tear out those fangs - and either way, to expend more resources doing so. Their hips are made more flexible, to improve locomotion in zero-gravity environments and performance in close-combat. The toes are caused to lengthen significantly and are restored to prehensility, enabling the subject to more easily climb and attain advantageous tactical positions. The rest of the foot, however, remains unchanged to allow the Sacred Republic's humans to retain their baseline counterparts' devastating, ramlike charges at close range; in addition to retaining and improving upon a baseline human's incredible walking endurance compared to other species.
To assist in the assimilation of newly-conquered populations, both sexes have the most recent version of the augmentation retrovirus coded into their mitochondrial DNA of their gametes, to be released upon contact with an unaltered egg or sperm cell. Thus, any child sired or borne by an altered citizen of the Sacred Republic will fully inherit their parents augmentations.
Finally, maturation has been moderately accelerated in the Republic's citizens to give an edge in wars of attrition. Specifically, Haven's modified humans hit full maturity at age 15, and gestation time has been cut down from nine months to eight.
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2022.01.27 15:49 Extension-Thought-69 מבחן

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2022.01.27 15:49 AverageMondayCrusade I think it’s safe to say I’m a professional

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2022.01.27 15:49 Gloomy-Web-3400 Help DS3 PS4 MIDIR NG

Put sign down before the jump. Let's get after it boiz!
Pw - 372
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2022.01.27 15:49 Brkiri Highest numbers. Very confused.

Highest CRP/ESR ever for me - biggest jump, too, but doctor said the four point difference really wasn’t important and was “essentially the same.” CRP went up to 4.4 [from 3] and ESR to 34 (from 30]. This feels significant to me but is the rheumatologist right? Is this a nothing increase?
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2022.01.27 15:49 OMGThatsCommunism The real enemy here are the bosses. Let's quit fighting amongst ourselves.

We can let this destroy us, or we can have a little solidarity and commit to doing better. Let's continue on, okay?
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2022.01.27 15:49 PicklePenisPaul Lost Research - Tellegen Absorption Scale (Tellegen & Atkinson, 1974)

Hello I've been hunting this research for a report I'm writing on mysticism.
I had seen it years ago but it's gone missing.
Can anyone help?
Tellegen Absorption Scale (Tellegen & Atkinson, 1974)
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2022.01.27 15:49 One_Fee_4144 🐵Junior Ape Youth Club🐵 WL GIVEAWAY | Join Discord!

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2022.01.27 15:49 gushykat how does y'alls covid grant money taste 😩 asking for my international broke student self

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2022.01.27 15:49 RIKKR1997 So I have 16, 500 mi on this thing, last night a lovely deer decided to be a dipshit and run in front of me. I have tinted windows so I couldn't see it. now I have a crack in the bumper and I had to pull out a rivet and put it back in because it popped out.

So I have 16, 500 mi on this thing, last night a lovely deer decided to be a dipshit and run in front of me. I have tinted windows so I couldn't see it. now I have a crack in the bumper and I had to pull out a rivet and put it back in because it popped out. submitted by RIKKR1997 to subaru [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 15:49 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - What's that? John Irwin House holds history of borough | Pgh Tribune-Review

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2022.01.27 15:49 Alt_Stealth_2520 Combat Scaling

I just discovered the remake for my childhood nostalgia machine today, and I was more than happy to start playing this game. However, upon reaching level 2, every single wolf I've come across has been level 2. As a rogue, I cannot kill a single wolf because I die in 5 attacks. Does anyone have any advice on how to be able to kill the level 2 wolves?
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2022.01.27 15:49 EnigmaticDaze ITAP of a cute Amanita muscaria

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2022.01.27 15:49 Iovemyusername Holding Til Lucid hits $20

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2022.01.27 15:49 tonyrobbins17 For anyone whos spammed lig1 premier upgrades

How many have you opened and how many toty’s have you pulled?
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2022.01.27 15:49 bnbliss Plex, Radarr, Sonarr on Asustor web interface not launching

I love my Asustor and would really like to be able to set it up as a Plex Server with Radar and Sonarr. I've installed all three. The problem is that when they are launched (from ADM or IP) no matter what browser I get a "cannot connect to Server page". At first, I thought it was port forwarding or a security setting but that doesn't seem to be the case when I enable port forwarding to the I.P. for the Asustor NAS. I did notice that if I try to connect to the EZ Connector on my phone off of my home network I get a "blocked". this leads me to think that even with port forwarding there is something else going on. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.27 15:49 NimbisLemarr Feeling handsome, might remove later…

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2022.01.27 15:49 jakogut Found this crawling in the attic, my first thought was how unprofessional to leave garbage up there

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2022.01.27 15:49 kru5h If you make fun of me for using the wrong word during a debate, I'll consider that an ad homonym attack.

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2022.01.27 15:49 -Mr_Rogers_II Season 3 premiere discussion mega thread.

I’ll just start by saying I thought it was odd how they put the season 3 premiere in the middle of Book of Boba Fett.
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2022.01.27 15:49 Admiral_Woofington Charlie (moistcr1tikal) Thoughts on the recent BS drama surrounding Connor

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2022.01.27 15:49 cementley just released my indie album: Karner Blue - "Hello Karlov"

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2022.01.27 15:49 twosummerwinds follow req

jus a normal guy, follow 4 follow, love yall 👍🏽♥️
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2022.01.27 15:49 Physical_Spirit8233 Boost 4 boost please!

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/8nBdt8lft5
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