Responding to "The thought of detransitioning makes me cry"

2022.01.27 14:50 vintologi24 Responding to "The thought of detransitioning makes me cry"

Responding to someone wrote and deleted:
This and the fear of retransitioning at 35 is what keeps me pushing through.
I'm so mad that I knew in 2018 and didn't do shit about it. I don't want this to go on.
I'm 3 months on HRT and sometimes my doubts are becoming a bit too real.
I miss some things about being male, but I don't want to go back to the shell of a man I pretended to be.
Yet, I also don't know what I even want from myself any more. I kinda lost the desire to be feminine and the idea of being a woman feels unreachable.
I look and feel like a man with tits now (that are becoming hard to hide) and I'm beginning to realize that I will probably never pass without FFS I can't afford.
But my effeminate mind is finally running on the right fuel. Bestrogen really does make a difference.
I wish I wouldn't have to deal with all of this. Why me?
My reply
Since FFS was mentioned we should probably take a look at some actual results to see if the typical FFS surgery actually allow people to pass significantly easier:
Top result with microsoft bing
Top result with duckduckgo picture search
Of course the result will depend on the surgeon and what procedures you have done but generally i think relying on surgeries is a great mistake. It's very difficult to surgically reverse facial masculinization, this is why early HRT is important.
Maybe even if you cannot pass your quality of life would still improve?
Have you consider taking the NB route?
alhena wrote:
I transitioned at 24, lived 9 blissful years as a transwoman, then detransitioned at 33 because I judge males to have better lives than woman from age 35-55 based on what I enjoy in life. Now I'm 37, engaged to beautiful 21 year old asian girl, and planning to have a big family, as I was never financially well off enough while transitioned to consistently pay for hormones, which luckily saved my fertility. You have to take what you have and make the best of it. Unless you age fine like Helen Mirin, I don't notice too many middle aged to old women that seem happy if they base any of their happiness on their looks and/or the response they get to their looks, which at least to me was a lot of what transitioning was all about. I took advantage of being pretty while the time was ripe, but no reason to fuck up the entirety of my life for it.
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Who do you think is the most overrated player in history?
i think reddit overrates players with longevity in general, i think peak > longevity
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I heard a rumor that pharmacies in NC will close for lunch…… Coming soon. Can anyone confirm? Thanks!
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2022.01.27 14:50 Uzamiki Why do some ppl change after dating for a few months or a year or two?

From my last relationship, (ldrs)I realized my partner was so warm and caring at the start of our relationship. He would want to spend time with me and talk to me daily. We both would make sure we do smth as a routine so we spend quality time together.
After half way through the relationship, he keeps choosing gaming ,spending time with his friends over spending time with me. He would only text me and video call me to sleep. I felt so lonely. After a few months of it , I started feeling like he only care about his needs and doesn’t care if our relationship is caring or has warmth anymore.No matter how many time I asked him to do something with me,he’d always have reasons not to.
I know the honeymoon phase ends but does it have to change that much ? If all relationships are like this, I never want to have a partner anymore. I’ve lost faith in romantic relationships. It only looks nice online.
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I have a really dumb question. I am playing Anno 1800 currently. I do have the AI Enhanced upscaling option available.
Anno 1800 also has an upscaling option in the game settings.
Do i use both upscaling options or just one?
I am very sorry for the question but I am not very familiar with upscaling and I have some chemo brain which makes me overthink some really simple questions that I probably already know that answer.
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At bf
Pw - 372
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2022.01.27 14:50 LeftGP2022 Things to expect for A2F seniors who want to be GP staff

Most students who are part of the Gracepoint affiliated campus student Christian groups (for example: Acts2Fellowship/A2F, Klesis, 4Corners, ISM, IGSM, WAV, MakeNew, Koinonia, AYM Youth Ministry, 5&2 Community Service...) ask the question "What is it like to be a staff?", "How do you become a staff?", "What makes anyone want to be a staff?" Here are some common experiences from being a senior in college to post-grad in GP.
[Last Year of College] Your leader will start having conversations with you about your post-college plans. Most students don't have everything planned out yet, but some do, for example, going back home after college, moving to a different city for graduate school, or taking a gap year for traveling... Your leader will challenge you with questions like "Where is God in the picture when your say you are moving to ___ for law school?", "I want you to think about how this decision is prioritizing God over your career", "How is your plan of traveling not selfish and worldly?" What is the point of a leader asking these questions? They want you to make sure you prioritize the GP ministry before your other plans. The GP equation is simple, if you love God and you are a Christian, you will choose to stay within GP and continue to serve in GP. If you choose not to stay in GP and serve, you are putting yourself first before God, therefore, your faith and love for God are questionable to GP leadership. It is common to hear staff saying things like "pray for the senior class, most of them are not staying in GP after graduating", "this senior girl wants to go home to LA, her parents are not Christian, that's not good for her, she should stay in GP so she can stay Christian", "this senior guy is blinded by his worldly ambition and love for money, he wants to start his own company after graduation, please pray for him to repent and choose to stay around in GP after graduating". The seniors (or super seniors) face a lot of pressure from GP staff.
They get "talked to" way more frequently than other younger students. They get "talked to" about the following subjects: their decision of staying or not staying in GP after graduation, maturity issues (common maturity related topics: video games, movies, TV shows, hobbies, social media posts, hanging out with friends outside of GP too much, how they dress, how they interact with new first-year students, their attendance to TFN or SWS), character issues (common character related topics: if you smile and greet the leaders, if you appear to be welcoming and warm at an event, if you were generous toward others with your money, if you agree with the feedback your leader gives you or not). Towards the second half of the senior year, it is common to see the senior students being asked to "reflect" about the subjects they were talked to by their leaders. What is the point of having the students reflect on their dream to not stay in GP and start their own company? GP leaders want you to repent of these "sinful", "selfish", and "worldly" desires. The only way to prove that you are a true Christian who loves Jesus is to say "I want to stay with our church (GP) after I graduate from college because God called me to share the gospel with the lost. I have received so much from my GP leaders and now it is time for me to give it back to the community." This is the correct answer that GP leaders want to hear. They would share such responses from a student with one another as a "win" or an "encouraging story" during their staff meetings.
This is the year that GP puts on senior retreat for the seniors. The main topic of the retreat is to have the student repent from their worldly ambitions and selfish dreams, virtually anything that does not include staying with GP after graduating. This is the year that the senior peer class (unfortunately) would feel divided, as some choose to stay in GP and some choose not to. You see the peers who choose not to stay in GP get talked to and asked to reflect more frequently than the ones who seem committed to GP with their post-college life.
[First Year Out of College] Starting in 2021, GP implemented a first-year intern gap year program for all college graduates. Instead of forcing college graduates straight into ministry as they struggle with their first real full-time job at the same time, they allow the first year out students to focus on getting used to working life, while getting educated and trained on doing ministry. Before 2021, the GP college graduates are pressured into ministry the summer they graduated. This transition has been very difficult for many, as the graduates have to learn to balance having a day job and doing ministry tasks after work (for example, going to staff meeting, going to a college campus to flyer and do dining hall outreach, meeting with students...) GP younger staff now appreciate this one intern gap year that GP finally granted them after graduation.
The college graduates are then split into college ministry and praxis right after they graduated. If your leader thinks you are obedient and faithful toward GP, you would most likely do college ministry. If you are "struggling" and having issues with GP, you are most likely to be put with praxis. Praxis exists on most GP church plants with a graduating class. Praxis is a group for post-grads who are "struggling", such as people who have issues with obeying their leaders, people who are not officially GP members, people who are dealing with mental health issues like depression, people who need to have a season of reflection instructed by leaders. Do people choose to go to Praxis vs college ministry? By and large, this is determined by your leaders. The first-year graduates GP members are given their GPmail accounts after they graduated, so they have access to the ministry emails and GP Google Sheet where they check their daily schedule.
On the other hand, this is also the year that people can sign up to be CPIs (church plant interns). After you've signed up, your leader will review your written testimony with you. You will also be asked to explain why you want to go onto a church plant. As long as there are no glaring issues, such as a history of non-compliance to leaders, struggling with same sex attraction, or a mental health issue such as depression that may appear to a leader as emotional immaturity, then your leader will "approve" of you and you can inform your family that you are moving to help or plant a new GP church. If things don't go smoothly, if the leader thinks you need to reflect on your motivation for going, or if you need to struggle with a certain sin issue first, then you won't be allowed to go. CPIs are committed to being on the church plant for a year. After one year, they can choose to keep staying at that same church plant, return to their home church, or move to another church (within GP) according to the ministry's needs.
[Post-College and Beyond] Here I will briefly describe the typical GP staff life, as the details of this topic can be dedicated to another post. After you've chosen to become a GP member, you can then be authorized to serve on staff (college, internal, or youth ministry). Depending on your leadership level (staff, class leads, regional staff), you need to attend 2-3 staff ministry meetings per week to discuss how your students are doing and brainstorm ministry events. You need to meet up with students for reasons such as "you need to ask your student if she was baptized", "what is his religious background?", "can you talk to her and see if she's interested in taking Course 101?", "ask him what's his schedule like and see why he can't make it to the Wednesday night soph lifegroup"... You have mid-week lifegroup with your student. You have mid-week lifegroup for your staff group. You have TFN bible study and post-TFN events on Fridays. You most likely have ministry house cleaning, staff meetings, ministry workday/night, church garage re-organizations, student outings, or babysitting on Saturdays. You need to attend SWS (Sunday worship service for college students) and MBS (member's bible study preached by Ed) on Sundays. You have 7AM devotional time Monday - Friday with your ministry staff group or peer group. Everything, from your bible reading time to your fellowship and fun time, is all scheduled by GP. You need to regularly check your regional ministry and overall GP Church-Wide calendar, as well as your local GP church Google Sheets, for your weekday evenings and weekends schedule. These Google Sheets tell you when to be where, with whom, to do what, every day of your life.
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