Do you think my personality is really ISTJ-T?

2021.12.09 03:35 Salty_Muffin_7161 Do you think my personality is really ISTJ-T?

I actually know very very very little about the 16 personalities so I want to ask you guys about it.
I tried the 16 personalities test and I got ISTJ-T. It is said that Logisticians are serious and doesn't prefer to joke around. They are realistic and logical. They want to focus on their works and they are perfectionists. They also want everything to be organized. And when it comes to friendships, they have little but very close friends, and they are the silent, serious, and loyal types. But I have none of those traits.
Well yes, I tend to go serious when I'm working on something important. I want to finish all my works in time but that's only for the sake of having nothing to do later so I could just laze around. I also don't like having members in my team/group that doesn't do their work well, it irritates me, so I often lead the team and I do most of the works. I also want my project to be good so I won't have to change anything and have nothing to worry about. Although I have no very close friends, I get along fine with just anyone of my colleagues and I have a few I could call friends. I'm also not serious when I'm with them, I'm actually very loud and talkative despite not being very close to them, I'm just really open and straight forward. I want to say anything that's on my mind, even if it sometimes comes out as rude. I just want to express my thoughts even if it doesn't makes sense. I also organize my things, for example is my closet, so I won't have to waste my time finding something I need. I also don't want to think too deep if I don't have to. I prefer being just a happy-go-lucky person, but I think I can't, my mind and body is stopping me from being too laid-back. And I don't like theories and facts, nor science as well as math, but I also don't like arts, dancing, and music. I'm really interested with the genre fantasy, like witches, mage, dragons or mythical creatures, tho when you ask me about this world, I'm more realistic, I don't dream of becoming or getting something I know I won't have. I always see what's in front of me and not what's ahead of me.
It's like I'm serious but not really. I only want everything to go under my control so I won't worry about anything else and just do silly things after.
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2021.12.09 03:35 GeorgeYDesign Retired greyhounds helping prison inmates get lives back on track

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2021.12.09 03:35 FarCritical New Move: Welcoming Prank

20 BP, 32 PP, Dark type, Physical, +0 priority
If the target switches out or uses moves like U-Turn/Parting Shot, the mon that switches in is automatically flinched at the start of the next turn.
If the target doesn't switch out, it's just a dinky little slap of an attack.
i.e. Turn 1 Enemy A uses U-Turn, switches out into Enemy B You use Welcoming Prank, dealing damage to Enemy B and applying the "next turn flinch" effect
Turn 2 Enemy B begins the turn flinched
Just had an idea that sort of combines elements from Fake Out and Pursuit. Thoughts?
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2021.12.09 03:35 IDPLMAL_1 Anyone start having health problems after starting the CPA studying?

So I started studying for FAR a couple months ago and have since started having some health issues. I have been struggling with mental health and handling the pressure, and also physical health problems. I admittedly didnt realize how stressful this process was and the stress has been getting to me. I think this is where all my problems are coming from.
I am finishing my last semester of college and have had some shitty groups which made for a lot of stress. I also work 30 hours a week as a teacher and I have had a lot of pressure with other things going on in life. I think adding the CPA studying was just a little too much but I am slowly working it out.
Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else experienced health changes when they started studying and had any suggestions? I know I should make a doctor's appointment soon if I dont figure it out. Nothing is a major problem but I know I cant just ignore everything for long term.
Sorry for spelling or grammar, it has been a long week with a lot of breakdowns and sleepless nights due to crappy group projects.
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2021.12.09 03:35 Luremeaway Newbie setting question

Just joined the real vr fishing game and saw in the settings next to the difficulties bait and line, does anyone know what these settings are for?
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2021.12.09 03:35 GeorgeYDesign 'Racist attitude': Enraged motorist given six-year sentence for deliberately running over teen cyclist

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2021.12.09 03:35 qbxzc I don’t understand how people like Red don’t realize how weird this is

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2021.12.09 03:35 mejusthere4fun Sorento owners! What's your mpg?

Hello. Potential Sorento owner here. I'm trying to figure out real life mpg on Sorento and want to hear from owners if you don't mind to share. I'm planning to use my vehicle for long distance travel(around 100 to 150 miles a day) for 5 days in a week, which is about 500 to 750 miles per week. Due to high mileage, I'm thinking either hybrid or PHEV but I really can't decide which will benefits me more. Please share some thoughts and help this fella. Thank you in advance :)
(Ps. If I get PHEV, I WILL charge every night to get full EV mileage.)
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2021.12.09 03:35 GeorgeYDesign Rewards worth $600,000 offered to help solve Taskforce Southern murder cases

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2021.12.09 03:35 cooldudrw Rate my team

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2021.12.09 03:35 Guns-and-Pumpkins Steve Irwin and Harriet the Tortoise, 170 years after Charles Darwin collected her. Both died 2006

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2021.12.09 03:35 ambitiousfuzzypen I lost my cat and I'm restless...

I lost my cat a few days ago. I had a big exam so I was away all day but when I came home he was gone. It frustrates me a lot that he would escape the day I was not home...he sleeps by my side every night so it pains me to go to bed every night. So far I posted on fb groups, taped flyers in people's doors, emailed shelters, animal control, the police...I put food and water out. I have a trap out by my house. And I go searching at night...but everything seems so empty and quiet. I'm devastated. People tell me, cats don't go far and they usually find their way home but I'm still scared. He's never been out the house before and does not know the area.... how could he find his way back? I walk around my block at night calling his name but it's hard when I can't search peoples yards...tonight I searched at least 10 houses down on all sides of my house and nothing...idk how to search. I feel like I'm not doing it right
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2021.12.09 03:35 GeorgeYDesign Kassie was in a bad place. Then she entered the grittiest catwalk competition in Australia

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2021.12.09 03:35 coljavskiyi ⚔️ AlienX ⚔️ a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game ⚡ Launching Now on BSC ❤ Low Marketcap!! ☀︎ Join our telegram!

Welcome To ⚔️ AlienX ⚔️
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❄️Liquidity Lock 1 year
♟️ Token Details ♟️
Contract Address: 0x4989650C198B901a73BE5536E00BC48466eDBBAA
Name: AlienX
Symbol: ALX
Decimals: 9
☢️ Useful Links
↪️ Pancakeswap:
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2021.12.09 03:35 Shift-Similar NLD lumintop Thor 3 w/ pineapple body

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2021.12.09 03:35 Heavy_Grand2526 Boosting gender parity: Ontario Liberals create women-only candidate ridings |

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2021.12.09 03:35 GeorgeYDesign 'A doll in the water' actually a baby as navy sailor tells royal commission of distress at sea

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2021.12.09 03:35 Dwiged_Schrude A Liturgy for One Battling a Destructive Desire

Jesus, here I am again desiring a thing that, were I to indulge in it, would war against my own heart and the hearts of those I love.
O Christ, rather let my life be thine. Take my desires. Let them be subsumed in still greater desire for you, until there remains no room for these lesser cravings.
In this moment, I might choose to indulge a fleeting hunger, or I might choose to love you more. Faced with this temptation, I would rather choose you, Jesus.
But I am weak, so be my strength. I am shadowed; be my light. I am selfish. Unmake me now and refashion my desires, according to the better designs of your love.
Given the choice of shame or glory, let me choose glory. Given the choice of this moment or eternity, let me choose in this moment what is eternal. Given the choice of this easy pleasure or the harder road of the cross, give me grace to choose to follow you, knowing that there is nowhere apart from your presence where I might find the peace I long for. No lasting satisfaction apart from your reclamation of my heart.
Let me build then, my King, a beautiful thing, by long obedience, by the steady progression of small choices that, laid end-to-end, will become like the stones of a pleasing path stretching to eternity and unto your welcoming arms, and unto the sound of your voice pronouncing the judgement:
Well done.
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2021.12.09 03:35 Faithismyname08 Socotra Island - Yemen

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2021.12.09 03:35 iota1atg I'm such a millennial 😚✨💞

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2021.12.09 03:35 TheWizardInvestor New map or old map

What are your guys thoughts?
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2021.12.09 03:35 Low_Efficiency_9131 Day 76 of flower chop day 🪓🪓 2x2 hulkberry

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2021.12.09 03:35 lovelylilies Does anyone else get irrationally angry over the sounds their stomach makes?

It honestly reallyyyyyyyyy pisses me off. It’s so fucking annoying and the reason it sucks so bad is cause there’s no way to stop it. you literally just have to sit their and listen to the damn noises your stomach makes. & I’m not talking about growling due to hunger. I don’t know wtf these noises are. & of course it’s always worse at night when i’m trying to sleep.
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2021.12.09 03:35 questionnaireddit What insurance would I need for this business?

I plan on hiring out a small, caged trailer that attaches to the back of a car to customers who need it for the day for a certain price.
I am aware I will need to pay annual registration for the trailer, but what else will I need?
I am sure I must need some type of insurance in case of theft, damage or even them claiming something was wrong with the trailer and they got hurt. What would you say is a legal bare minimum I need and then what you would say is up to myself to decide if __ is worth it?
If this is the wrong subreddit, please point me in the right direction.
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2021.12.09 03:35 theblondelebron99 Just left my job. And boy I am I glad.

I worked as a financial/accounting analyst for a solar company in Florida. I originally started as an intern in July 2020. In the middle of the pandemic and there were not many jobs in general. They started me off at $18/hour. I took it because there were no other jobs available. Even though my last job paid me $22/hour before I got laid off.
The first 5-6 months of my time there was great. We were growing exponentially. The only people in accounting and finance were me and our controller (who I will say worked so much and was so underpaid). However, I started to notice something. The owners and “executives” of the company started raising their pay, but not increasing the pay of the employees (such as me and the controller). I won’t specifically disclose the amounts, but the ratio was like 200:1.
Again, still kind of in the pandemic. And come December, we hire a new CFO who would be my new boss. And he was a great guy. He let me stay over at his place while I was finding a place to live, always defended us to our dumbass owners and executive team, very understanding and if you needed time off, he wouldn’t ask questions.
Around December, the finance people, (me and our controller) get info from the CFO that we will be merging with 4 other companies to make one big company. So we will be working ALOT to make sure our books are clean, make adjustments to our financial statements to maximize EBITDA so our dumbass owners can get their massive payouts. Keep in mind, they are not doing ANY of this backend work. It’s all me, the new finance guy we hired and our CFO. And with explosive startups, streamlining your accounting and finance is incredibly difficult.
Come January 2021, I’m still making $18 and hour. I was promised $22-$25/hour by our then controller who resigned (should’ve got it in writing but I was dumb) And this pissed me off, because our CFO said he would honor my promise….. only to raise me to $20/hour. Yeah, that made me angry.
I wanted to leave, but I’m in school and they did work around my schedule. So I stayed. Fast forward to July, and the merging thing is really ramping up and I’m working 50-60 hours a week, all while I’m school, and at $20/hour while these assholes at work make 10x what I make (seriously , I’m not kidding). I get another offer from a job that pays me 50K. Present it to the CFO, immediately raised my salary to 50K. Kind of caught me off guard, but I stayed. I definitely should have been paid a lot more. I was able to buy a house because I live fairly cheap, made a couple great investments from money I saved, and was able to afford a down payment.
In July, douche bag owner number one brought us all in to one of the buildings and gave us a rundown of what will be happening with the merger going on. Over the course of the next few months, we would be integrated into the new company.
We were told our benefits (which were dogshit) would be taken over by the new company, as well as legacy employees (which would be me, I was employee #12, now there are some around 150) Would get vested shares of stock in the new company since they are planning to go public on the New York Stock Exchange in 24 months.
We were told the total ownership pool for employees would be 12%. For those that don’t understand, this means that employees would own 12% of the new merging company collectively. That caught my attention originally with me being a finance nerd. Well, that turned out to be a lie, because I found out that pool was actually somewhere around 4 to 6%. Our greedy ass owners are not willing to give up that much equity yet will be paid out somewhere between 30-60 million $.
Plus, we are pretty sure our owners were wanting us to essentially “cook” the books. I’m still not sure if it’s intentional or not, but they wanted to make adjustments to our EBITDA that looked borderline, if not fraudulent. once they requested us to do that, I knew it was time to get out I put my two weeks in the week of Thanksgiving and my last day was last Friday. I’m already getting texts from my old coworkers that the accounting department is in shambles right now.
Anyway, I’m still in school, supposed to graduate next week and I had four job offers, and I took one paying 70K a year and I get to work from home.
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