Historiker Tálos zu Dollfuß: "ÖVP kann Kritik nicht einfach wegwischen"

2021.12.09 05:16 Turtle456 Historiker Tálos zu Dollfuß: "ÖVP kann Kritik nicht einfach wegwischen"

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2021.12.09 05:16 VAYU3594 Shivani Singh

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2021.12.09 05:16 denfild911 pendant fox. made of natural paduk wood. what do you think?

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2021.12.09 05:16 Mrpiggelss Trainer code 5646 3697 9092 Gingerhodor

Sending gifts, invitations for raids and receiving invitations!
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2021.12.09 05:16 -__Maestro__- Gonna study in epic swag 😎 (I am very cool)

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2021.12.09 05:16 fra601 My funny Little robot

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2021.12.09 05:16 yalldeadtome Stop it.

Stop telling me how you parent effectively when I am living with you and your kids are spoiled fucking narcissist s like yourself. Stop saying you discipline them when you don’t do a fucking thing. You’re the worst fucking hypocrite I’ve ever see . If I could live on my own I would fucking jet immediately sometimes.
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2021.12.09 05:16 crowncobra Chromecast only working with YouTube app and nothing else.

I'm not super Chromecast savvy. We've had it for years and it's never had a problem like this. Help?
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2021.12.09 05:16 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.09 05:16 RESPEKTOR Every time I try to stream I get a failure message

Mac user here on Mojave.
I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app but It doesn't work. I'm not sure if I'm deleting all the files tho as when I reinstall and open the app I'm already logged in and my setup is the same.
How can I fix this?
I went to stream on my phone as an alternative however the audio was glitchy so I'm not sure whats up with that either.
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2021.12.09 05:16 bombomchuck According to my quit weed app I'm at...

This has definitely been a a journey, but I'm over the hump... My quit weed app says I'm at
14 days and 20 hours!
Joints avoided 103
grams NOT smoked 22.3
Money saved 266.3€
Holy shit that is beautiful to see, I'm much sharper, faster, more social, my appetite is back, my sleeping schedule is improving day by day, I just need to avoid the late coffees.
Anybody reading this, do your best James Brown impression and say it with me now:
"Whoaa! I feel good!!!!!!!!!!!!“
I wouldn't have made it this far without my brother who stood by me the last 10 days nor without the leaves community. You people are amazing. Good luck to everyone out there just starting, and to everyone who's been able to keep going! Give yourselves a round of applause!
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2021.12.09 05:16 i_honestly_dont_care Number 7, Struggling HARD, final tomorrow. [URGENT]

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2021.12.09 05:16 yung-hemi Anyone play ascent on Xbox? I’m down to play sometime, or carry someone.

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2021.12.09 05:16 banana_annihilator My Favorite Rare Pair

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2021.12.09 05:16 SoTh98 Company decided to bind the employers to them

So my boss paid us a higher paycheck this month, cause he knows most of the people desperatly need that money right now. But he did a little funny trick and gave everyone a contract where, if they quit in the next 12 months, they have to pay back all the bonus money + 12%. Most people said this isn't legal, but my boss just said "Well if you need the money, just be sure to work for me the next 12 months".
What a time to be alive.
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2021.12.09 05:16 Historical_Ad3070 Are there any translations for this one? I've heard it is one of his best interviews.. 🙏🙏🙏

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2021.12.09 05:16 Ace_of_Kade MSI Optix monitor advice needed

Hello, I'm looking into getting a monitor from MSI and three of the Optix G241 lineup caught my attention (G241, G241V, & G241V E2). I'm new to all this though, so I could use some advice before I spend my money all willy-nilly. Which of these would be the general recommendation? If the info helps you help me, I'm primarily a console gamer (PlayStation 3-5 & Nintendo Switch mostly). Any advice is appreciated, thank you
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2021.12.09 05:16 ScEnIx1705 Wie kann es sein, dass wir unsere Popel oder Schnoder nicht riechen können ?

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2021.12.09 05:16 illusion_2439 So what are you waiting for?

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2021.12.09 05:16 Carcinog3n Rush needs to be permanent!

Rush need to become a permanent part of the game. Its by far the most fun mode in 2042 right now by a long shot. Please don't make the mistake of making this a temporary game mode.
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2021.12.09 05:16 Nearby-Comfort-3069 The End Times - Why are we so scared to talk about it?

I was looking online for a list of Christian end time prophecies on reddit, instead I found numerous people telling OP to not bother, essentially that it isn't something he needs to worry about. Ok, I'm in agreement, somewhat - we aren't meant to be scared.
What we should be is ready, and I don't understand the resistance to discussing this. "Oh people have been saying they're living in the end times forever!" Ok, and?
Prophecy is real, it doesn't matter how many time people have been mistaken in the past, eventually these events will come to pass.
So what's up with that?
Be Blessed <3<3<3
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2021.12.09 05:16 Zlivovitch Create a Get Started section right on top of the FAQ

I've just realized there's no place to learn the basics of Tutanota in the online help (which is called FAQ, although this is a different concept). Hence some uselessly repetitive questions here.
Get Started is an ubiquitous concept for programs and online services. It would enable one to do something with Tutanota right away, while learning the rest at one's own rythm.
Such a section should include, in my opinion, the following :

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2021.12.09 05:16 uatapiti Looking for these players; will overpay.

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2021.12.09 05:16 CinemaNorge Alle førpremierer på «Kampen om Narvik» er avlyst

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2021.12.09 05:16 akshithaisreading Foundation Paper 2

Hi guys!
I've been having this question for a long time, seems kinda stupid so I didn't ask anyone lol.
Can I write the BCR answers before I proceed to Laws? like can i write section B before section A? it'll be marked in the normal way, right?
pleeease advise!
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