Good Morning from Mr. Benjamin

2021.09.19 18:29 MadAnxious Good Morning from Mr. Benjamin

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2021.09.19 18:29 QueeLinx South Florida’s loss could be Central Florida’s gain as redistricting process begins

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2021.09.19 18:29 olliedisgrace ur boons r massive

ur the biggest so u have to be modest and cover them up bc everyone in this house but me is a pedo so you have to be modest even tho u can't control how ppl see ur boons or how big they r ur cousin is smaller so she's fine but you have to cover them up even tho ur wearing a full shirt
uj/ i hate it here im gonna fuckin scream
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2021.09.19 18:29 ArenaResultsKnight Archangel [Featured] & Odin [Basic] (1st) - SUBMIT SCORES

How to find arena rank:
Disclaimer: The surveys are for veteran players only. Account age must be over 60 days to submit. Any scores that don't fit the results will be removed. Do not submit approximate scores as they will be also removed.
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2021.09.19 18:29 KeepItWavey [OptaJohan] 101 - Dusan Tadic has provided his 100th en 101st assist in the Eredivisie and has become the first player to reach this milestone in the competition this century. Centurion.

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2021.09.19 18:29 doomedgeek I am lost at the Lost and Found

The last train has gone. The shutters on the coffee stall are pulled down. The lights have been turned off, the grill over the front entrance of the station swung into place and locked.
There is no one left but me.
I should not be here.
It’s close to midnight. I’m surrounded by boxes containing hats, scarves, umbrellas, a couple of coats. There are trinkets in other boxes, a couple of phones, a bundle of keys. Most are new in today. There used to be a box with two sets of false teeth and a glass eye in it.
Earlier today, I locked up around five as usual. The opening hours shown on the window of the station’s Lost and Found office are ten am to four pm. Which used to give me an hour of admin and tidying up before I left and went home.
This evening, I locked the door from the inside then sat in darkness away from any window and opened up voice memos on my phone.
It’s taken me until now to say a word. Maybe, I’ve been afraid I would be overheard. Maybe, I am afraid to go back over things.
The last few days have been hell.
It began when my wife told me she needed some space.
We’ve been married for five years, coming up to our anniversary. I was wondering what I could buy her that was made from wood. Then she told me.
I was running late for work, and I don’t think I really took in what she was saying.
You mean a holiday, I replied. We’ll need to save up, but sure. What a great idea.
What an idiotic thing for me to say.
She could not even bear to look at me when she explained that she needed a break from our marriage, from me.
We can talk about this later, I tried.
She left the room, returned with a holdall, said that she was going to stay with a friend for a few days.
No, no, I told her. You stay, I will find somewhere.
I did not think before I said this. I guess I was trying to gain some control over a situation that was spiralling away from me.
That is very decent of you.
Those were the last words she said to me as I left.
I stood on the doorstep for a moment, shell-shocked, then I went to work.
I could not think what else to do.
I don’t actually remember getting to work that day. I remember catching the bus, taking my seat – then I found myself behind my desk in the office.
This – having gaps – had been happening more and more to me recently. I had not told my wife, I am not close to any of my colleagues so would never share with them, and I was too worried to see a doctor.
My dad died when I was a young man – the specialists could not pin down a name for what was happening to him, but it was horrible, heart-breaking. While he was still able to hold a conversation, in the early days of his illness, he told me he had been having gaps in his memory.
I get from A to C. Can’t for the life of me tell you what happened to B.
I knew in my guts that I needed to face up to this, but I was scared.
And now my marriage, the one true light in my life, was flickering.
I sat at my desk and rubbed my face. I decided I would give my wife all the time she needed. There was still hope. I needed to believe this. I needed to cling on to it.
I have worked in the Lost and Found office at the train station for ten years now. It is a bit of a relic from a bygone age – an open plan office with a desk and PC and storage shelves, a counter where station staff and passengers hand in things they’ve found and, sometimes, that the people who’ve mislaid them come and claim.
The station is not that big, certainly not grand in any way. It is a junction – a place for changing, connecting, passing through.
A lot of the things that are left on seats in a hurry or are dropped simply gather dust on the shelves at my Lost and Found.
I say my, because over the years I have become manager. I am also the only person who still works there, so perhaps that became a no brainer for the station bosses.
The rest of that day passed in a blur. There were a couple of collections: a Tablet device and a pair of shoes – slight things with gravity defying heels. The woman who picked them up said they were her daughters, that she was still in bed with a banging headache.
I smiled professionally and handed them over.
Around these there was the usual influx. I understand leaving an umbrella behind on the train, for the guard or a civic minded fellow passenger to find and hand in, but a fleece lined waterproof coat?
Looks expensive, I thought as I attached a ticket number to it, cross referenced with a new entry on a spreadsheet.
By the time five o’ clock rolled around and I was getting ready to lock up a problem occurred to me.
I could not go home, I had said I would not, so where would I go? Where would I sleep?
I sat there for a while. The sounds of passers-by, announcements, grew quieter. Then I retrieved the expensive looking coat, put it on – which was strictly against the rules but no one would ever know but me, I figured – then laid out more coats and scarves on the floor. Made a little nest for myself basically.
I lay down on it, wrapped the coat tight as I could around myself. I was dog tired. Stress does that to you, I thought. When your life is falling apart at the seams.
I opened my eyes. Damn. What time was it? Where was I? These thoughts tumbled through my mind before it came back to me:
My marriage, spending the night in the office.
What a state of affairs. It was still pitch-black outside, silent. I rolled over having decided to try and get some more sleep, and then I saw them.
There were people in the office. A few feet away from me. They were looking in the boxes on the shelves.
Thieves, I thought and my stomach twisted as I tensed up.
I glanced back at the door – it was the only way in and out. It was still closed, there was no broken glass and – I felt in my pockets – yes, I still had the key.
So how the hell had they got in?
As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, a more pressing question came to me:
What the hell were they?
The figures in my office had no faces, no features of any sort. They were the shapes of people, but their skin was blank. Skin that was a sickly pale smooth surface.
They were impossible - and with his thought I realised: I was dreaming, I must have been. A lucid dream.
Knowing that I was dreaming, and yet still asleep, I watched them with a sense of detachment rather than fear.
They did not wear anything – Why should they, they had nothing to hide, I thought and stifled a laugh.
They were paying no apparent notice to me and I was happy to be left a passive observer as the bizarre dream continued.
They were digging around in the boxes with their fingerless hands now. Reaching in and taking out a hat, a wool one. Next a scarf, striped blue and grey. They held them up and then, bizarrely, they put them on.
The woollen hat pulled onto the top of a hairless head, coming down to where there should have been ears, but were none. The scarf wrapped around a neck.
One of them had found the glass eye – one of the oddest things that had ever been handed in, a small, clear cosmetic prosthetic.
It rolled it around in its hand then pushed the glass eye at its face, around where a nose should be. The flesh gave, appearing malleable, and the eye was left half in, half out of the face.
While I was staring at this another of them had inserted a set of false teeth into its face, again dead centre, and now had a synthetic grin. It held the other set of false teeth that had been in the same box and placed these in-between the first set, where they hung precariously.
The strangest dream I have ever had, I thought. A strange dream for strange times.
That was the last thing I remember before I woke up, feeling stiff all over, on the floor of my office. I looked at the time. I was five am. Beyond the confines of my office I could hear the station gearing up for a new day.
I slipped out of the station shortly afterwards and bought a toothbrush and paste, some soap and a small towel and went to a nearby café for breakfast. I used their restroom to freshen up, then lingered over coffees before it was time to head to the station at the time I usually would.
Shortly afterwards I was opening up the Lost and Found Office. Apart from feeling self-conscious because I was wearing the same clothes two days running I did not feel so bad.
This did not last long.
Around mid-day a customer turned up asking for a scarf that she had accidentally left on a station bench. A memory chimed at her description of its colours, blue stripes with grey, but that was all as I went to the box where I knew it was.
It was not there – and it was not alone in being missing. There was a woollen hat gone and – I started to feel sick as I reached for the box - the glass eye and two sets of false teeth.
I was standing there feeling totally bemused when the customer called out that she was in a hurry.
I went back and apologised, saying I did not have it. I was so thrown I lied: It must not have been handed in.
She stormed off. A few minutes later my supervisor turned up. There had been a complaint and what was going on, was the gist of the one-sided conversation that followed.
Missing items, he muttered as he left, and I knew that would not be the end of it.
Left alone, I felt a dread that was becoming familiar. Had I had an episode that morning, a gap in my memories, one in which I had taken the missing items to a pawn shop and sold them? The dream somehow lingering in my mind, influencing me.
These were the actions surely of a man who was falling into an illness from which there was no escape.
Weighed down with concerns that were beyond my understanding the rest of the day passed in an uncomfortable daze.
I was too confused and upset to do anything other than once again make up a bed on the office floor. I must have been asleep the moment my eyes closed.
I do not know how much time passed before I opened them. This time the realisation that I was lucid dreaming was instantaneous.
The figures were back, once more rooting through the boxes. A coat was held aloft, and one of them actually helped another one into the coat.
Seeing this, I smiled in my dream in a way I had not done in the waking world in days.
I was content to observe them until one of them started to move towards me.
It had a crude line in its face.
Like a wound that had been sliced into it, I thought and began to feel unsettled.
The gash opened - and terror flooded through me.
Shards of broken glass filled its primitive mouth, like teeth.
With one swift strike, it leant down, grabbed a clump of my hair in its broken glass teeth and ripped.
Then it reached into its mouth, and I saw how its hand had been cut into ragged sections to form crude fingers. Using these it took the hair from its mouth and began to smear the strands over its bald head.
A jagged glass smile showed it was pleased with this.
I could only watch in horror – to stare at it as it reached out now and touched me. It started stroking my face at the corner of my eye.
I remembered the glass eye from the night before.
Was it going to dig its finger into the corner of my eye and behind and pop it out so it could add my eye to its face?
The touch of its finger was harsh against my skin. A finger which, close up, looked razor sharp.
I felt something warm began to trickle down the side of my face.
Blood, I thought, brought my hand up to my face and away, looked at my fingertips. It was sweat.
The creature turned. Something new had caught its attention. I began to cry.
My face was still wet with tears when I woke.
That was last night.
The day that followed… I can’t. I just can’t talk about it. I thought it would never end.
And now - well, I expect to be fired in the morning, suspended at the very least while there is an investigation into the missing items.
I will not be able to stay in the office. I don’t know what I will do.
It’s too much to think about.
I am going to close my eyes now, try and rest before the dream begins.
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2021.09.19 18:29 enitslanav Today, Saint Kitts and Nevis celebrates its independence from the United Kingdom (1983).

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I am looking for a dog and house a sitter. I have two dogs that are never really left alone. One is somewhat high maintenance because she is fearful. I’m hoping to get recommendations for a reliable and legitimate dog sitter to stay with my dogs when I leave for the holidays. I want to find someone soon so that my dogs can get accustomed to them before I leave in December. I’d appreciate the help. Thanks
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Cothias - Die 7 Leben des Falken
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0875 8850 2494
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2021.09.19 18:29 sunflowerlouxo doxycycline …

i’ve had to take myself off of antibiotics as i was unable to keep down food, completely nauseated 24/7 etc. i took them for just over a week, 200mg a day but i’ve tried contacting my drs for advice & help as to what to do next, get another appointment for more antibiotics or whatever, but they just don’t seem to care? i called and the next appointment they could give me is almost a months time, plus i’m moving to a new city in a few days so i’ll be changing drs too. i just feel like they’re not treating me seriously? i’ve explained i still can’t eat, i’ve lost a silly amount of weight really quickly, still dizzy and sleepy and all of that fun stuff but they don’t care. i don’t know if this is a rant or a cry for help anymore !
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Can join your clan
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