32 seconds on Lebron James being a hypocrite…

2021.09.19 19:53 Moist-Environment537 32 seconds on Lebron James being a hypocrite…

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2021.09.19 19:53 Sigi-Reuven W: Assassins Sentinel -7%explo H: ur offers

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2021.09.19 19:53 Lazerbox Is this coil whine?

I got a Legion 7 (AMD) a week ago, and I noticed this sound coming from the numpad side, sounds like electrical noise, when the fan is running slow I can barely hear it. Also it only happens when it's plugged in. Is this coil whine or a faulty fan? Thanks for the help.
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2021.09.19 19:53 KronicKyphosis Weapons disappeared in mission?

In the middle of a mission I used a turret and got a few kills but when I jumped out it said I was unarmed and unable to switch to any of my weapons. Had to abort mission. What did I do? I'm very new lol
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2021.09.19 19:53 BandoGucciSandal H: some offers, caps, ammo W: psa uc pa set please

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2021.09.19 19:53 Aienami :)

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2021.09.19 19:53 Thememefolder My ron subreddit

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2021.09.19 19:53 Aegg_ Mark III Havocs for 40K I'm working on this week

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2021.09.19 19:53 PigeonTheThird Floofer

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2021.09.19 19:53 Puns4Life_ Sooooo are we all just gonna ignore that its the anniversary of the trollface?

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2021.09.19 19:53 icecreamz Normal Cat vs Yawn Cat

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2021.09.19 19:53 K6Z0 Can't pick a smartphone to buy

I'm due for my next phone (I upgrade every 4 years).I'm broke (make around $7k/year but live with family) but budget phones don't appeal to me. Samsung's budget phones are way inferior to Xiaomi's, Samsung's flagships are getting worse (the S21 was a clear downgrade to the S20), Xiaomi's phones are impressive for the price but have terrible UI and shady privacy, so that leaves Apple which is way too expensive and might not have apps I use on Android.
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2021.09.19 19:53 Snoo_60016 Books that are similar to The Stationery Shop by Marjan Kamali

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2021.09.19 19:53 valleymd84 Got free tickets to the game today. At least they were free. A bad day at the ball park beats a good day of work. Reds need to get hot quick.

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2021.09.19 19:53 reinis-mazeiks can you help me with this thing?

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2021.09.19 19:53 ksoda18 Flames first rounders impress in loss to Oilers

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2021.09.19 19:53 rotorooter88 Spinning rod recommendations

I’m in the market for a med-light spinning rod to throw some lighter stuff in the 6’6”-7’ range trying to keep it under 100 if possible. I’ve heard good things about the bps panfish elite rod any experience?
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2021.09.19 19:53 SnooGiraffes7882 Whats this spider?

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2021.09.19 19:53 Creative_Ad4551 Hey ya'll! Could use some input on labeling if you got the time. 💜🤍🖤

I've always referred to myself as gray-ace. But I just learned about acespike. If you don't know, the wiki definition is, "someone who usually feels no sexual attraction, but occasionally has rare, sudden, and intense spikes of sexual attraction for a short amount of time, before returning, just as suddenly, to one's normal amounts of asexuality."
So I feel sexual attraction, but only once every month or two. It's always very sudden, and very short lived, maybe like 10 minutes or so. Having said that, I wouldn't describe it as intense. I mean yeah, I do wanna have sex in those moments, but I often don't, and it's never been a negative thing. Like I'm not in a bad mood or upset the rest of the day, or anything like that. A lot of times I'll just masturbate or wait for the feeling to pass.
So would that technically be gray ace or ace spike? I'm not really attached to either of the labels, I'm just wondering if one or the other is a more accurate definition to how I feel.
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2021.09.19 19:53 Snoo_32025 So this is how Lucario hates fan also That butt of Lucario

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2021.09.19 19:53 bigtiddygothbf Prestiging a character removes event offerings/addons

I’m probably the only one who thought they were exempt from being deleted, but maybe this’ll help someone. Rip my 70 anniversary cakes on ghostface
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2021.09.19 19:53 Trace-Games S.I.M.P

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2021.09.19 19:53 TheKingDries 25[M4F] I'm already on the airfield having a drink before my 24h shift tomorrow. Keep me company

There's a pic of me on my profile!
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2021.09.19 19:53 Perceveja I don't know if I want to break up or if I'm just frustrated with my life

My bf (27m) absolutely worships me (26f). We've been together for almost 4 years now and things were going great. For the past couple of months all my friends started moving out of the city, findind exciting new jobs and visiting other countries and I'm feeling left behind. I started questioning my relationship, we're about to move in together and I'm terrified I won't be happy... things about him that used to bother me a little, now make me feel upset or annoyed. He is just the best boyfriend a girl could wish for. I've never been much of a super romantic, talk about feelings type of person and lately I don't feel like I can possibily show him as much affection as he does for me. I felt like this before, about two years ago when my sister moved to another country and I worked through it and the relationship was going great. I'm worried I'm the problem and if I break up I'll realise after some time that I made a mistake.
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2021.09.19 19:53 Salty_McBitters Cloud 2 without mic through USB-C adapter to smartphone?

Hey guys,
Hoping for some advice. Cloud 2 works fine on my Note 20 using Samsung USB-C adapter for 3.5mm but as soon as I remove the mic, the music I'm listening to starts cutting in and out every second or so.
I've tried rebooting the phone, plugging/unplugging the mic, etc. No joy. Is this a known issue? I've ordered another USB-C adapter but haven't had a chance to try it yet.
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