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2021.09.19 18:40 vibewithsnott [Snippet] Kid Cudi - Young (Wylin Cuz I'm Young OG) (Open for Kanye)

Join the discord in the stickied post.
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2021.09.19 18:40 AffectionateNewt1045 🚀 MAAN | BUSD Rewards | Buy Back & Burn | Anti-Whale Mechanism | Huge marketing | Less than 1 hours for fair launch

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2021.09.19 18:40 redditboy123451 Rival of a sports star nearly causes kills his rival by nearly causing his chauffeur to crash leading him to go flying out of the vehicle. All because he wanted to be the best

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2021.09.19 18:40 Carlos_Andre_Genesca Ryanair Continua Expansão Na Suécia Com Nova Rota Doméstica No Outono

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2021.09.19 18:40 Kuerbovich Wadi Rum, Jordan [OC]

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2021.09.19 18:40 gootwo Australian recipe book, published at some point between 1999 and 2002, title is "baking", who is the author?

The book has a pink spine with the title in lower case, the cover is mainly white. There are recipes for chocolate caramel slice (millionaire's shortbread), rosemary focaccia, basic brown and white bread, butterfly cakes, Anzac biscuits, coconut jam slice. The millionaire's shortbread recipe has the caramel cooked twice (on the stove and then baked in the oven on the biscuit base) and the caramel is only condensed milk, butter and brown sugar. The author is a woman, not Donna Hay. I believe every recipe has a picture. I have lost my copy and would love to find another!
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2021.09.19 18:40 IcarusAvery Is there a decent map showing all the different ferry, airship, chocobo, and other transportation routes across the game?

I've seen a couple links from a few years back, but they're all dead. I'm honestly half-considering making one myself, at least for A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, but I wanna know if someone's already done the work before me.
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2021.09.19 18:40 ShiroTheHero I'm fairly new. What's with my deck not being legal anymore?

So in MTG Arena, from what I'm gathering, cards are rotated in and out so some cards become illegal? I had a really fun deck I liked but Nissa, who shakes the world isn't legal anymore ._. Does this occur regularly? Do I have to keep making new decks every time things change?
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2021.09.19 18:40 natsasha98 Jag är en tjej på 21 år som säljer bilder på mina fötter och erbjuder även bilder på andra kroppsdelar.🤤

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2021.09.19 18:40 Torontomon2000 Toronto ranked 2nd 'safest city' in the world for 2021: report

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2021.09.19 18:40 SexGreenishCounty Awake! – My Story

Hello all of you, this isn’t my first time venturing into this subreddit, but this is the first time in which I tell my story. I never really introduced myself properly and I thought I'd do so today.
My first interactions with the Jehovah’s Witnesses started from when I was a little kid. I knew the basics—Jehovah was in the sky, Jehovah good, Devil bad, Jesus no Christmas. I never attended meetings regularly in the first years of my life. My parents weren’t baptized and they gave little to no importance to religion. But one of my grandparents, who was inching closer towards inactivity, was the person who invited my parents to the memorial every year. Them, being a former pioneer, had kids (my mom being one of them), but never really sought to bring them to the organization. Because of that, not one of their kids were witnesses. My earliest memories in a Kingdom Hall have to do with me passing around the passover bread and the wine, while turning towards my aunts and uncles with the wine glass near my face, them shaking their heads nervously. My earlier years were relatively free from the control of “Jehovah’s Loving Organization”. But despite that, I didn’t do Holidays but even though I didn’t celebrate them, I was free to do what I wanted. I had friends and I didn’t have the looming fear of making a deity happy or sad.
It wasn’t until we moved towns where we started “drawing closer” to the J-Man and his blazemodest skirt clad maniacs. An aunt lived close by and sometimes after school I’d go to their house to spend time with their kids or simply to talk to them. I don’t know if this was done with an underlying purpose, but I started reading the Bible story book with them. This was definitely done with the purpose of getting to me, but of course at the time I thought of it as a loving family members telling me stories. I didn’t really believe the things I was reading in the Bible story book, but I guess early cognitive dissonance kicked in and I just started accepting it. I loved my aunt and I liked spending time with her, so any little excuse to spend time with her and her kids I would take. That meant I would go to meetings with her. Every midweek meeting I’d show up to the KH in my Sunday’s best and I’d be eager to comment. I did this to make my aunt proud, but I then realized that I had to make Jehovah proud, so I tried even harder. That meant I'd raise my hand by myself, and after being given the privilege to answer, I’d ask my aunt for an answer. I enjoyed attending meetings, but my attendance ended abruptly when my aunt developed cancer and one of her kids was DF’d. Because of this, my aunt stopped attending meetings for a long time and that meant I couldn’t go to meetings anymore (she’s cancer free now btw <3). For about 2 years, I didn’t attend a meeting other than the memorial, but unbeknownst to me, this was the last time I was truly free.
One of my family members who happened to be an elder at the time offered my mother a bible study. My mom originally never wanted to study the Bible, as she thought she knew everything about it, but that family member “asked so lovingly” (her words, not mine), she had to take it. I remember when he came to offer my mom the bible study, I had a lingering sense of doom, perhaps this being my subconscious alerting me that something was changing. But of course, cognitive dissonance kicked in and I just ignored that feeling and thought this would be for the best.
My mom and I started attending meetings. This time it was only her, my siblings, and I. I didn’t get the same vibe I’d get when I went with my aunt. For a while, there was more of a grimmer tone to the meetings. When I asked why, it was because several members had been disfellowshipped. At the time, I knew a lot of bible stories but I did not know anything about the organization’s inner workings. I had heard the word “disfellowship” being thrown around conversations before, but I didn’t know what it meant. It wasn’t until I heard the words “so and so is no longer one of Jehovah’s Witnesses” when I learned what it meant. I asked what disfellowship meant and I didn’t like it.
“You mean I can’t talk to that person again?”
Not if they repent from their sins and draw closer to Jehovah God.
Time passes and my mom starts progressing in the religion. She enrolls in the Theocratic Ministry School (RIP) and starts giving talks. Soon after, my dad starts attending meetings and asks for a bible study, after being offered one so many times. He left his good paying job and took a more modest position in the company he was working at in order to be able to attend all meetings. My mom gets baptized and a few months later my dad gets baptized.
Now, a lot of time had passed from me being the simple 5-7 year old attending their first meetings. I was now a preteen, about to be a teenager and I started developing doubts. My parents had just officially become Jehovah’s Witnesses, and any question I’d have would be shot down with, “We don’t know, Jehovah has a purpose for everything”, “We can’t, the Bible says…”, “The Bible says no…”, "Ask the elders...". A lot of things that I said and asked were simply dismissed, until they weren’t.
I was an intuitive kid at the time. I had developed a fascination for science. I loved learning how the world around us worked, so much so that I wanted to be a scientist when I grew up. One of the things that I learned was that humans shared over 90% of their DNA with apes (Chimpanzees, Bonobos, Gorillas, etc.). I went to tell my parents what I had learned, and they looked back at me with a scowl.
Us, Humans, monkeys? We aren’t monkeys! We were created by Jehovah and if you think that we are similar to monkeys, there is something wrong with you! You need to develop your faith further!
I couldn’t believe it. There was solid evidence for humans sharing their DNA with Apes, but my parents wouldn’t accept it. I tried talking to other witnesses about this and they sided with my parents. After these interactions, I “thought” I was wrong and shelved my opinion deep in my brain. I had to convince myself that evolution was a ploy created by Satan and that it denied the existence of a creator. But of course, that thought remained shelved in my brain somewhere, waiting to be brought out again.
As a lot of teenagers did in the 2010s, I watched YouTube heavily and considered it my main source of entertainment. In many of those ventures, sometimes I would find myself with videos of people wearing little amounts of clothing. Now, I’m talking about YouTube here, so the type of content I’m describing is the softest of soft-core porn you can find, you can’t even call it porn to be honest. I felt “pulled in” in and couldn’t stop watching. I was locked into it.
Honestly, watching this type of stuff is normal. Teenagers exploring themselves aren’t strangers when it comes to venturing into porn consumption. When I watched it as a young teenager, I felt liberated in a way, but this feeling of liberation didn’t last long. I soon found myself being the unknowing target in many talks given at the hall. A lot of these talks were about the dangers of pornography and how it is improper for one of Jehovah’s Servants to watch it. Now, before starting consuming porn, I didn’t really bat an eye to the talks talking about porn. But now, after doing precisely what they were telling me not to do, I felt a whole lot of ways. I felt embarrassed, scared, depressed, mad, sad, pressured. Needless to say, I felt terrible. I was sinning in God’s eyes and I wasn’t doing anything to recover my relationship with God. And so, I looked around, I prayed for an answer and I thought I found it, The August 2013 Watchtower, “Pornography — Harmless or Toxic?”. I immediately downloaded it into my tablet and started scouring the pages for an answer. I read and read until I found my possible answer.
Pray to God
“Okay, seems easy enough. Jehovah knows I’m struggling with this, I’m sure if I pray tonight and the day after, he’ll help me!”
Get Help from Others
“What? You think I should confess my porn viewing to other people? What are they going to think of a teenager watching porn? What if I get DF’d? Better not to.”
Identify and avoid potential triggers
“What could my potential triggers be? What does that even mean? I’m not going to stop browsing the web, so what’s the use?”
Strengthen Spirituality
“Okay, seems easy enough. From now on, I’ll start reading the bible everyday and I’ll pray to Jehovah everyday!”
So I did just that. Except for the “Getting help from others” part, I did everything in the list. I listened to the Bible reading every day before going to sleep, I prayed to Jehovah when I had “impure” thoughts, and I attended service every day. I tried, I really did, but at the end of the day, I always ended up where I was, and I watched porn again. It wasn’t working. I tried again. And then again. I tried again. Then I tried 500x more times. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get rid of the pornography/masturbation habit. There was nights in which I cried, thinking I wasn’t good enough to Jehovah. I cried in front of my laptop monitor watching morning worship videos trying to find an answer there, thinking I needed critical help. But no matter how much I tried, no matter how much I cried and exposed myself to Jehovah, he wouldn’t answer nor help me. Instead, I’d be humiliated in every other meeting, by way of the talks condemning those who had the dirty habit of viewing pornography. And then it hit me. What if Jehovah won’t help me because I haven’t dedicated myself to him? And so I did that. I dedicated my life to Jehovah and got baptized. That solved my problem with pornography 😄👍. I then got married and lived a plentiful life serving Jehovah!
No. That didn’t happen. Of course that didn’t happen. Sure, I did ward off the temptation to not watch porn for the first weeks after my baptism, but that was short lived. I was actively trying to repress myself sexually and I was a mess by the end of the baptism’s honeymoon period. When I finally gave in and watched it for the first time after I got baptized, boy, I felt terrible. I felt like I was going to die, I was deserving of death in the Lake of Fire! Everywhere I looked in JW Land was the open condemnation towards those who touched themselves. Once again, I tried doing what I was doing before, pray to Jehovah and Strengthen Spirituality. But that didn’t happen. I beat myself up mentally for over 4 years, fighting a mental battle within myself thinking I was worthy of hellfire for doing something that was perfectly fine and normal to do. I wasn’t able to think clearly in my final years of grade school due to the overwhelming fear of being killed in Jehovah’s day, which was coming any day now. I’d daydream about being killed in Armageddon, how “any rock falling from the sky in Armageddon wasn't going to miss”. I had developed severe anxiety towards premature death in this system of things, but I couldn’t get rid of it as I couldn’t get rid of the porn ailment. I had constant panic attacks imagining my death in Armageddon, thinking how my parents would have to explain my death to resurrected family members. I was mortified, depressed, and scared for a long time. I asked myself, “Why Jehovah why? Why do I have to do this to myself?”. But instead of punishing me for doing bad, Jehovah would reward me with privileges. “Did Jehovah not see what I was doing to myself every day? What is going on here?”. I’d be rewarded with being let into pioneering school, being offered a place in a drama, LDC projects, ministry projects etc. Then I started asking more questions. “Why would Jehovah create us with the innate sense of wanting to relieve ourselves? Isn’t that wrong? After almost a decade of porn addiction, Jehovah is bound to help me sometime, right?”.
I prayed to Jehovah every night for over 8 years. Day and night, I would ask Jehovah to help me with my porn addiction. Before and after my baptism I’d pray. But nothing, absolutely nothing. I gave up. I prayed to him night and day for almost a decade and that rat bastard did not help me a single time. I thought Jehovah can’t care less about me and I stopped praying. I stopped reading the Bible and just let it go. “If Jehovah sees me straying away from the truth, it’s up to him to help me, because clearly I’ve been trying my best and he can’t give two shits about me” I told myself. The inner battle that I had within myself started clearing and I wasn’t troubling myself. I wasn’t thinking whether I was making Jehovah proud or mad when I saw anything he deemed wrong. I had grown to be numb. But deep within me, I knew I was hurting and that I had to look for an answer somewhere, even if it wasn’t from the org. I went on self-help websites, NoFap, I tried doing better in school and doing all my assignments on time. I ate healthier and worked out. But in one of those ventures, I encountered exjw. I knew the subreddit existed before, as it had been recommended to me while browsing Reddit before. Those previous times I didn’t dare to go to an apostate forum. But now, I was pretty much PIMQ as I doubted that Jehovah would help me. But I was still in a way kinda indoctrinated so I was still willing to go anywhere to find an antidote for my porn problem. And so, I decided to enter this subreddit. Now, it wasn’t something easy. My heart started racing, I started sweating profusely, and my hands shook as my finger inched closer towards the exjw banner. I took a deep breath and started browsing the subreddit. Alas, I felt a mix of ways. I felt mortified as I was now in “an apostate website” (cue Splaine’s blabbering). But to my surprise, y’all aren’t bad as they say you are! I sorted by most popular and I saw people being truly happy outside of the JW religion, something that according to hardcore PIMIs is impossible! I saw members of the LGBTQIA+ community being able to embrace their sexuality freely now that they were free, people celebrating birthdays, others being able to graduate from college/university, others celebrating a faux memorial while drinking Christs’ blood. All I saw were former Jehovah’s Witnesses who were happy people outside of the organization. It was something mind boggling. And because of that, I was mad because I was able to see that “apostates” were normal people that went through similar situations to mine or worse. These people went through a lot that they had to call it quits. In any other big religion, church leaders could care less about their members, but they don't shun them. They still hold a minor semblance of neighborly love. I developed a rage against the leaders of this religion and I wanted to look into why they are like they are. So I decided to leave the exjw success stories aside for a while and go after JW theology, JW principles, JW hierarchy and power structure. I started reading/watching testimonials/videos from people such as Lloyd Evans, Mark O'Donnell and his wife Kimmy, Fifth, The Falling Tower, Harrison Cother from The Truth Hurts, Telltale Atheist, Genetically Modified Skeptic (not really an exJW activist but he turned me to an atheist), Jexit 2020, a bunch of people on exJW Twitter and other YouTubers whose names I can’t recall. If any of you is reading this, thank you for all you do for those of us who may feel lost after waking up. You surely helped me realize that I was apart of a toxic relationship with a narcissistic organization, and for that, I can’t thank you enough. After looking into some of the inaccuracies within the religion and learning about intra-organizational scandals such as the CSA redress schemes in Australia and CSA cases in general, I began to educate myself in a secular way about how the bible was written. I started playing attention to evolution once again and paid extra attention in my biology class in college. After browsing the sub, reading and watching exjw YouTube, I knew there was no going back, mentally at least. I had become fully aware of the mess of a religion I had grown up in, and the personality that I had cultivated with the JWs had dissipated. To use their phrasing, I put on the new apostate personality and a few weeks later I had convinced myself that the organization was messy, corrupt, and evil. I found out I was apart of a lying and evil organization that deceives its members and promises them a paradise and a day of reckoning that’ll never come. That was over half a year ago. I am still PIMO but I am currently plotting a way to leave in the next few years. The number of people that know I am PIMO is small, but I hope to continue building this support group I started and hopefully this will all end in a few years.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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2021.09.19 18:40 Tartanclan Single men - what is your personal process of getting a woman in to bed with you?

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2021.09.19 18:40 unremittingg Another month passed by, this one being incredibly difficult! I never thought I would see this day- but here it is :D

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2021.09.19 18:40 medNadjib Most op ductape combo?

Alright so i just had this synergy a day ago and not sure if it was because of an item i had but i ductaped makeshift cannon to blackhole gun and it kinda made it hit every boss three times in a row and if it helps i remember i had the bandana that made your ammo x4 and was playing as gunslinger
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2021.09.19 18:40 jonandreyuaosuni Tyra's Outfits on DWTS are Dreckitude!

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2021.09.19 18:40 Honk1755 I might have to get this for gorilla tag…

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2021.09.19 18:40 tw04ce H: 15k caps W: Camo backpack plan

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2021.09.19 18:40 Desperate_Chart7116 What do I do

So we got walked in on by my gfs parents how do I regain there trust rlly fast
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