Recruiting Dragons

2021.09.19 19:52 RoamerofGaia25 Recruiting Dragons

So, context: an evil King has taken over the land, and is running it like a tyranny. His daughter, the Captain of the Guard, isn't happy with his rule, and wants to change it, but can't, since the King is too powerful, and her father on top of everything.
However, while searching the countryside for potential traitors, the Captain finds a young black dragon-human hybrid. After a moment of doubt, the Captain tries to leave the hybrid alone, but the hybrid follows her back home and tries to defeat the king. She fails, but manages to save another prisoner - a fire dragon. Additionally, the Captain chooses her morals over her family, and saves the hybrid and fire dragon from being recaptured. The trio flee the kingdom, with the Captain being branded as a traitor.
The fire dragon explains to the former captain and the hybrid that she was being imprisoned because she knew of the location of three other dragon types: an air dragon, a water dragon and an earth dragon. She also explains that the hybrid is prophesied to bring about the end of the King's era if she can unite the four dragons. Hence, the race is on for the hybrid to unite the four other dragons, while the King tries to stop them.
Here's my question; who should the trio recruit first?
The fire dragon knows the water dragon personally, as the two are actually old friends. But the air dragon goes with the wind, and thus could be found anywhere.
Additionally, the King has a Big Bad Wolf motif, so having them reenact the tale of the three little pigs with air being straw, water being sticks, and earth being brick could be a fun reference to the fairy tale.
So, should the black dragon try to recruit the air dragon due to the straw analogy? Or should she go after the water dragon since the fire dragon is closer to the water dragon than the other two, and the fire dragon is essentially her mentor? Or should they initially go after the water dragon, and just run into the air dragon by chance?
I'd really appreciate your advice. Thank you very much for your help.
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2021.09.19 19:52 Roxygen1 Suddenly making money from Youtube, what do I need to do?

I wasn't sure if this was one for the UK legal advice or personal finance subs, so I've gone with neither.
My youtube channel has just been monetised, and my estimated revenue is £50-60 a day (works out to around £20k pa if it stays the same but the channel is growing so likely to increase).
I have a day-job which I don't intend on quitting though I might go part-time.
What do I need to do to declare the income, when do I need to do it, and how do I pay the taxes on it and make sure I'm paying the right tax across both income sources?
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2021.09.19 19:52 edgarcayce06 Help on kraken fight

So with the kraken, i have no problem with breaking everyone out of the tentacles and keeping my formation, however the problem is that at some point the tentacles attack you and do a shit ton of damage. They always target my nimble cleaver duelist and seargeant, which dies in 1-2 hits. Is there a strategy around this?
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2021.09.19 19:52 ColdBlackWater The Dreaded Headless Horseman and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow
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WIFI WIRELESS ROUTER: EXCLUSIVELY UNLOCKED In this era of everything wireless and everything on mobile phones, it becomes real necessity to have an unlimited package of internet. But still, at times those who work on laptops for them it becomes difficult to have an internet connection or depend upon the mobile hotspot when even the mobile phone’s battery could drain excessively low.
That is why, there has been a new thing in the market which are called as portable wireless wifi router in which you need to install your sim cards with data packs recharged in them. They work on battery and you can charge them with the help of power supply.
Now, there is a catch that there are certain portable wifi wireless routers which are locked by the company so that only one particular company’s sim can be inserted and used in it. To inhibit that, there is a new thing in the scenario called as unlocked wifi wireless router.
This makes it easier for the user to insert any company’s sim card according to the connectivity signal in the area. Leaving all of this aside, which router you must choose is a question.
KuWfi Router wifi wireless mini 3G 4G rechargeable portable device is very reliable and has various features which makes it very easy to work with it.
Features of the device are:
· First thing first, the device is unlocked and is compatible with any kind of sim card.
· It travels supports B2/B4/B5/B12/B17 network band for mobile or laptop.
· It has 4G wifi hotspot with screen display and TF card slot and Lithium battery of 2400mAh. The charging would work for at least 4-5 hours and can be good for travelling purposes as well.
· The network frequency specifically works with USA, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Bahamas and various others which you can easily check in their descriptions.
· The connection procedure seems rather easy and there won’t be any connectivity issues once you have installed and get it ready. You just need to switch the device on and get it connected via the device you want to get it connected to.
The only issue you might have in getting it ready or install for the connection. Although, the steps must be clearly mentioned on the website and their instruction manual. But, still if you are unable to process that then you can go to a professional to get it done.
The delivery process is done by Chidogear which is a very reliable delivery partner because the ratings have declared it so. There is a return policy as well. They are generally expensive because of the fact that after receiving the original product there seems to have unlock it for the use of any sim card available.
This procedure makes the device rather expensive because of the extra manual labor and technical work.
There are sites similar to eBay for selling such as truegether which offer a great delivery procedure directly contacting the seller and also have a nice customer service. They have their internal discounts as well which makes the deal more economical as well.
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2021.09.19 19:52 Ok-Road-2354 How to deal with a brother who emotionally unloads all the time?

My brother was in a relationship with a woman for 5 years. it was his first relationship and they got engaged. The woman, lets call her Mary (29F), has always had an issue with my family. She says we make her feel left out but we do everything we can to make her feel comfortable.
There was a hiccup in the beginning of their relationship (about 2 weeks into it) when my brother (30 at the time) snuck her into my parent's house at night to sleep with her. My mom caught them and confronted them in the morning and got really mad. She said they were both being disrespectful and childish and insulted her too. Keep in mind my parents are very conservative, this has always been the rule in the house and all 3 of my mom's kids know that.
Since then, my mom has apologized to Mary dozens of times, saying she should have only gotten mad at her son. Mary has used this as a way to split my brother from the rest of us, now having an issue with my sister who suggested this relationship wasn't healthy (long story) and he went and told Mary what my sister said.
Mary decided to break up with my brother now and he's emotionally unloading on me. He spent 6 hours on the first day telling me way too much about their relationship, even their lack of sex life. I listen and give advice when needed but it's like he's not even listening. He's running in circles with what he's saying. It has been two weeks now. I told him this is too heavy for me especially with my own mental health issues with my new job. He said if I don't listen to him then he will get back to her. Later, he blamed me and said I should have added her back on Facebook (keep in mind I did add her originally but when she started fighting with my family she removed all of us) and my brother was mad I didnt try to add her again. He said they wouldn't be in this situation if I added her back and made more of an effort. BUT I DID. I constantly messaged her on every holiday or when she was on vacation I would ask how her trip was. She never made an effort with me. It's like it was my job to keep her happy.
Now that I said I wasn't going to help him right now because he's coming off as manipulative, he's putting all the emotional baggage on my mom and dad. They are in their late 60's and he has been going on for weeks. He also hasn't cut contact with Mary and they talk for an hour on the phone almost every day.
He has a therapist he talks to once a week who told him to break up for good with her but he is still wanting to get back with her.
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2021.09.19 19:52 Dica0912 Se 2020 fosse um casal:

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2021.09.19 19:52 Puffin_fan Example # 275
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2021.09.19 19:52 Kinderstreichkaese Hoop for Episode 94 - Dead Woman Walking

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2021.09.19 19:52 aivi_mask We should all create an actual religion that praises big pharma and their saints (MBUT) and exempts us from their holy wrath

We have the numbers, we can write the bible, hide the obvious satirical aspects, designate a space somewhere for worship, register it, and receive religious exemption from the wrath of our lords
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2021.09.19 19:52 shanesdogbax It is season five was season finale or next season six of Rick and Morty future?

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2021.09.19 19:52 smolwormbigapple I (F27) lost my virginity to my now bf (29) 5 months ago, but lied about having had sex before

Tl;dr: I lost my virginity to my bf 5 months ago but haven’t told him the truth about that and would like advice on if I should or not
In late March I met a guy through Tinder. We really clicked and on the third date we slept with each other. It was great and I really enjoyed myself … and that was me losing my virginity. I didn’t tell him and thought I could tell him later if we kept on seeing each other.
Another time post sex he asked me how old I was when I lost my virginity- I think I said 20? I don’t even remember. I hate lying about stuff, but I wasn’t really ready to tell him. He lost his at age 14 or 15 and have had multiple girlfriends and long relationships in his life. I’ve had none - which I’ve told him. I thought he might find it weird, he said he absolutely didn’t and admitted not long ago the only thing he was thinking was that he was afraid that I’d “grow tired of him” since obviously I hadn’t had any relationships before and that might be the cause of that.
In end of July I asked him if he wanted to be my bf officially and he was so happy, I was so happy - honestly everything is going so great and I love having him in my life. I had started giving up on that there was someone out there for me - but then he came into my life and it’s been so wonderful.
So for the reason I haven’t had sex before… I simply don’t think I’ve been ready to share that with another person before. A part of it is me being happy about my body (I have lost around 50lbs in last 2 years and is now normal weight BMI. I know that’s maybe superficial but it is what it is. I’ve also always been very introverted when it comes to those types of relationships. I have an easy time making and keeping friends id say, but romantic ones are a completely different story.
Now for my question, what I need advice on… should I tell him he was the first person I’ve had sex with? Does it matter? Like I don’t mind not telling him in some Ways - but I hate lying about when I lost my virginity, pretending to know things I don’t, making up stuff about “who’s the oldest I’ve slept with” etc. I don’t want to lie and make up stuff but I don’t want him to react badly to the truth or that I’d lie to him about that. We have a great sex life, we do discuss that a lot and have sex frequently. Please ask if anything’s unclear! And thank you.
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2021.09.19 19:52 RemoteBomb [USA] [H] Nintendo Console & Handheld Games: NES, SNES, N64, Wii, Switch, GB & GBC, GCN, GBA, e-Reader, 3DS, DS, Collectibles, NES Classic, Misc. Gaming Accessories, Collectibles, LRG Cards [W] PayPal F&F

Disclaimer: Prices are pulled from VGPC or recent eBay sold listings, adjusted for item condition though they may not be up-to-the-minute. As you can imagine, updating values on a list this size is impractical though I try to keep it updated to the best of my ability. I am open to offers.
My confirmed transactions are here.
Bundling is encouraged and helps with costs/shipping! And I'm always up for some combination trade/PayPal scenarios.
Items are constantly added so please check back often!

Misc. Gaming Items & Accessories
Pokémon Manuals
Only trading as a bundle, Diamond manual gone $215
Limited Run Games Cards
Thanks again for taking a look!
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2021.09.19 19:52 MadeinAmericaMedia The Trials - part 1

I wake up in total darkness. Where the hell am I? Totally dark, except there's a small light against a wall twenty feet away. I seem to be in some rusty cage... it feels like it's swinging from the ceiling! How the hell did I get here!?

The last thing I remember is that woman... I can't even remember her name. From the bar...

When my friends and I went to the bar, we didn't notice anything weird about her... but now I see it. She screwed up my head with some drug. I remember feeling really woozy when I went to her apartment...

UGH! The rust in this freaking cage is chipping apart, but I can't get out!!! It's too freaking strong! How the hell do I get out of here... and WHERE THE HELL AM I?

Where are my friends? Mike and Jimmy... are they in here too? How big is this room?!

It smells... It reeks! Like old rotting meat. Ugh! Nasty!

I call out to them! "Mike! Jimmy!?" No response. I call a couple more times. "I know you guys can hear me! Is this some sick prank you two came up with?!"

No. Why would it be? This dark room... I can't even tell how big it is. There's only a small light twenty feet away, and I can't even make out what it is. The drugs are still wearing off.

I gotta think. Who was that woman who drugged me? When did she even drug me? We left the bar and we left my friends Mike and Jimmy there. Me and that... woman. Me and her took a taxi to her apartment maybe fifteen minutes away, but I don't remember what street it was. I was too distracted. Her hair... her lips... her body...

I remember her scent. It was like sweet fruit mixed with something that made me want her... so... bad.

What street was that?! UGH. I just want to get out of THIS CAGE!!!!! I can't rip it apart, and I can't kick it open!!!

...and besides... I don't even know what's underneath this cage... It swings from the ceiling, so I don't even know if there's a HOLE underneath me... Jesus Christ. It's so dark...

WHO was that woman?! When we got into her apartment, I didn't notice it then, but now I think I realize it... It felt... simple. Like too simple. Like somebody was pretending to live there, but didn't. Like it was a movie set... I don't know...

I don't know how to GET OUT OF THIS CAGE!!!! GOD!!! IT'S PISSING ME OFF!!!!! I JUST WANT TO GET OUT!!!!!!

What was that?! It sounded like somebody... walking around in the dark! Behind me! Maybe ten feet away? Where the hell AM I?!!!

"Hello?! Is anybody there?! Please, LET ME OUT!!!!!"

...nothing. Of course.

...this is really feeling bad. This isn't just a prank. I'm stuck in this cage... in a totally dark room.

...I think I'm gonna get murdered here... Maybe tortured... and eaten!

God, I don't wanna think about it! Please God, please send someone to get me out. I'm so freaked out right now. I can't even breathe. I can't think. I can't calm down. My heart is racing. I'm having a panic attack. I can't do this. I can't freaking do this. I can't breathe. Oh my God please. Please. Please. Please.

WHAT WAS THAT?! A crashing sound from across the room in the dark! Someone is in here with me!!!!

"HELLO!!! LET ME OUT NOW!!!!" No response after my call. Oh my God! Jesus please help me get OUTTTT!!!!!!

"ARRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" I'm panting for breath... ...My screams don't matter... I'm breathing so heavy... but there's nothing left... There's no hope left.... There's nothing... and something is gonna freaking kill me.

Maybe it's her... Maybe she trapped me in here to torture me or... or maybe... maybe she'll experiment on me. Why else would I be in this FREAKING CAGE!!!!!

"Listen, you gotta let me out," I call out. "Whatever you're gonna do, you better freaking do it or else I'm gonna break outta here and FIND you!" response... nothing...

...just... the dark.

...I remember that woman's face the whole time. It's like she was tempting me... but there was also a side to her that was like... like she was used to this... like she was working. Not that I was the customer... but more like I was the... product.

Oh my God... where the hell am I?!

(PART 2 of this story follows in a FREE HORROR VIDEO GAME! Follow this link to see the trailer for "DEATH TRIALS": )
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2021.09.19 19:52 czarinacat Me and Gluten: A brutal love affair.

I love gluten and I can’t get over it. I am gluten free 99 percent of the time but once in awhile I cannot resist. My love will call, I cave, I pay the price. I become incredibly angry, frustrated to tears, vow to never indulge again. It’s been a two year battle. I am not celiac, but intolerant with multiple symptoms. I work out a lot and this makes things harder. I swim and it makes you really hungry. I work FT also and it is so much work to be GF. For me there is a lot of grief. Will I ever figure this out? Will I ever get over the temptation? Do others go through this?
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2021.09.19 19:52 Iso_lation_ward Get up to $1290 with Celsius Network | Earn great interest on your Crypto | Worldwide Offer

Celsius Network is a crypto lending app that pays weekly interest on your deposits. They also offer unlimited free withdrawals.
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4.Deposit at least $400 of any supported crypto.
5.Do not withdraw anything for 30 days, if you do then you will lose the free bitcoin.
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•Probably not applicable for most but you can enter STABLE600 for $600 in bitcoin. Deposit at least $25,000 of USDT or USDC.
•Enter BNB40 for $40 in BNB coin. Deposit at least $400 of BNB.
•Enter ADA40 for $40 in ADA. Deposit at least $400 of ADA.
•Again, not applicable for most but enter ADA500 for $500 in ADA. Deposit at least $20,000 in ADA.
The same rule applies to the promo codes…do not withdraw anything for 30 days to receive the bonuses (90 days for the STABLE600 and ADA500 codes).
Any questions then don’t hesitate to ask :)
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2021.09.19 19:52 rexboss007 Arya

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2021.09.19 19:52 xaviermading5941 Made my Injustice 3 wishlist base roster with three pre-ordered characters.

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2021.09.19 19:52 Draconian-Krim The Truth

Well, now that the goal of rank #1 is accomplished, I'll be straight with the community.
I welcome the day that I'm banned. I think I've made it pretty obvious that I'm not trying to hide anything, I'm making what I'm doing as obvious as it can possibly be.
My purpose in doing this was never to troll the community (though I will admit, I've had my share of amusement from it). But there was a purpose to that, it was so that all of you would force Gumi to look at this issue.
Cheating has been a blatant part of this game since it's inception. I can guarantee you beyond a shadow of a doubt that hacks and terms of service violations have existed in the shadows of this game since it's inception. It doesn't matter if you look at the solo arena battles, the raid scores, the porcelain tower scores, and yes, even guild battles. I'm not going to sit here providing evidence of each players guilt, but I can assure you beyond a shadow of a doubt, that cheaters are all over the place, even within the top 10 guilds. The difference is they're smart about it, it's not all of them, it's one person here and there and so it goes unnoticed.
I'm an oldschool gamer, I don't condone cheating and I would love to have a fair atmosphere. However, this issue would never be addressed left as it is. No one complained about the cheaters that were in the game for the last year and a half, because those cheaters were sneaky, no one tried to boycott, no one made a fuss over anything, they simply accepted it as the status quo.

So yes, I decided to take the issue and cram it down your throats so that we could bring awareness to the issue and hopefully address the underlying systemic problem that everyone seemed content accepting.
I accept the title of villain, and you're all free to focus your hatred on me, as misguided as that is.
I'm not here for anyones approval, I don't really care how any of you feel about me or what I chose to do with the remainder of my time in this game, but if this forces Gumi to actually address the exploits in their game, then I'm perfectly satisfied with how this ends.
If they still choose not to do anything despite my best efforts to make them look like the trash company that they appear to be, then I still have no regrets, at least everyone is well aware of it when you open your wallets.

When Draconian disappears, hopefully the exploits disappear with it. Until then, just stay out of my way, Draconian won't be losing until that happens.

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2021.09.19 19:52 Byzantium What is our best explanation for pseudo hallucinations?

I got a bad case of eyestrain form staring at the computer for too long. Fortunately it is only in my right eye.
I have been putting an eye patch over it for a few hours a day, and I will "see" things through the covered eye. Usually it is something like a tangle of filaments moving around, bit sometimes it is quite vivid. For example a man playing a guitar in a cornfield, or people dancing in outlandish brightly colored outfits.
They always stop if I blink a few times, but sometimes if I just relax and let it flow, the vision will look like it is coming through both eyes to the point that it briefly obscures vision in my open left eye.
I am not in the slightest bit worried or concerned about this, I just find it a curiosity.
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2021.09.19 19:52 asmrLibi 30 triggers in 10 mins 💜💜💜 [intentional] [tingle trigger]

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2021.09.19 19:52 St0nedSenseless Definitely a great night

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2021.09.19 19:52 furious126 Do you like Spaghetti?

Cuz you gotta meet my balls
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2021.09.19 19:52 happyfeats4real Checking up

I have realised that this subreddit has gone silent for 2 months and I thought I need to see how my Harry's across the globe are keeping up.
From yours truly Harry
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2021.09.19 19:52 Necessary-Helpful Rest days

I have taken to biking as one of the main methods for burning calories to aide in my weight loss goal.
I have been at it for about 2 months and have been losing an about 3 lbs a week. This is in conjunction with eating in moderation and watching my calorie intake, plus about 2 miles of walking at night and 20 mins of basketball shooting.
In total, on average, I am putting in maybe 2 hours a day on physical activity.
I am wondering if like working out muscle groups at the gym and alternating between groups over the week In order for muscles to recover and build, should I have off days for cycling?
I like the progress made in weight loss per week and the high you get after putting in a good walk or bike ride, but want to be doing what is optimal for my body overall.
Thanks for your inputs.
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