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Didn't even know it was his birthday.

2021.09.19 18:21 thisisnewtome1991 Didn't even know it was his birthday.

I feel bad. Guy I've been hanging out with the last few months (known for years) invited me out to lunch/drinks a few weeks ago and I was just being lazy that day and hanging out so I declined asked for a rain check. He said "all good, enjoy your day". A few weeks later through a mutual friend I found out that day was his birthday. Apparently that was the only friend of the group that knew. After all these years I can't believe I never knew his birthday. If I would have known that I would have definitely gone to meet up with him. We've seen eachother a few times since and he hasn't said anything about it. I still feel really bad and I feel like I need to apologize. Is this bad for me hoping to develop a relationship with him?
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2021.09.19 18:21 aJepZen Forbidden pickle!

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2021.09.19 18:21 Ok_Rain5053 RMSc or 507k? I'm not a fan of the Romero Zero I just feel like the dot is not as bright. As I would want it to be. Also any recommendation on a good front suppressor sight for the 365 XL that can co-witness.?

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2021.09.19 18:21 sexyhusband714 Army developing ‘synthetic telepathy’ (they already have this technology)

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2021.09.19 18:21 No-Antelope1865 High School, middle school, or elementary?

Hello, I was a first year teacher but I quit this past week. Some of you may had seen my post about the reasons that lead to my resignation. In a nut shell; my 4th grade class had been shut down, then the district proceeded to move me to 3 different campuses for the next 4 weeks saying it’d be my permanent posting. As you all know, the tedious process of decorating a class, organizing the curriculum for bilingual learners for the different grade levels and postings they were giving me was too much. Anyways, I resigned I was too anxious, I’d have anxiety attacks and was at my ropes end when my new principal said they might move me for the 4th time. But I realized something, I HATE the lower grade levels, I had been given PK, 2nd, and 4th/5th. I loved working with the older kids, they’re so independent and love having meaningful conversations. Yes, the behavior is bold in simplest terms. But I found myself enjoying that time. The lower grade levels are very dependent on the teacher, yes they’re sweet but it does get frustrating. I’m not sure how middle school and high school work so this is why I’m here, I hated the micromanaging administration in elementary. Principals are up your back about the simplest of things. Is it this way too I’m high school and middle school? Since I broke my contract TEA might suspend my license for a year and I was thinking that during that time I could attempt to get certified to teach MS/HS. So, if anyone has some advice or words of wisdom on what it’s like, I’d really appreciate an honest opinion so that I can figure out what my next step is. I definitely feel discouraged about the education system but I have faith that I can find my perfect fit and enjoy teaching somehow.
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2021.09.19 18:21 Primary_Breakfast628 Need Help identifying please.

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2021.09.19 18:21 letsbeatocd20 When did you get back acne results?

I’m on my first month of accutane (40mg) and my face is looking kinda clear but my back is still so disgusting. When do you think I’ll see results with that?
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2021.09.19 18:21 Thornova [Virginia] 19 months still waiting on the VEC

So I filed for PUA in March 2020. Got the mondet and pin in the mail. Logged into gov2go, the app said once you've been approved weeks will become available to file. Filed week one and continued filing every week but payments never came. Still to this day im being told my claim needs to be reveiwed. Ive been given every excuse in the book from every dept. Ive went through every hurdle multiple times, uploaded things 4 or 5 times often with months of silence between. My delegate couldnt manage to escalate my claim for 3 months. Finally the LegEsc dept emailed me after contacting my senator. To this day im still being given the run around and somehow im still waiting to have my claim reviewed. Its amazing how the VEC is allowed to invent lies and excuses, never have timeframes, never have an avenue for you to contact them. Its like a bad break up, dont call me ill call you. With the pandemic waining, the pua program over, im still feeling the ripple effects of the gross neglect ive been showed. When i call these days i like reminding them that the program is now over and you're still telling me the same shit you've been telling me for almost two years. Waiting on 70+ weeks of backpay, salty and beaten, i feel defeated and degraded. One lady even said to me out of spite that some ppl dont understand the word NO. As if I wasnt approved lol. What a joke this has been. Thanks for the EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE VEC.
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2021.09.19 18:21 gravity48 What is being built at Villeroy & Boch? There’s hoarding around their Lux City site. Housing development I assume but if so there’s no ads on how you’d buy them.

What is being built at Villeroy & Boch? There’s hoarding around their Lux City site. Housing development I assume but if so there’s no ads on how you’d buy them. submitted by gravity48 to Luxembourg [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 18:21 CAllD2B I Found Christ's Liberating Spirit in Critical Race Theory

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2021.09.19 18:21 alltimestrongest Which valorant agent is like Killua? (Hunter X Hunter)

Guys, I was just wondering, which agents suit the characters from hunter x hunter? For example, hisoka, gon, leorio, kurapika, meureum, etc. what are your guys opinion on which agent in valorant is like which character in hunter x hunter? it would be really really helpful for u to help me. its just a small thought.
hisoka is more like reyna cuz of his similiraties with his blood hunger and reyna's hunger for souls hunger maybe (which valorant agent is like hisoka?
gon is more like skye maybe? cuz his outfit is green and he doesnt want to hurt anyone and wants to help everyone.. (which valorant agent is like gon?)
kurapika is more like idk i cant think of nethin maybe omen??? (which valorant agent is like kurapika?)
killua idk jett or reyna (which valorant agent is like killua?)
mereum idk astra??? (which valorant agent is like mereum?)
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2021.09.19 18:21 climate_anxiety_ Klimaaktivisten im Hungerstreik

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2021.09.19 18:21 mrsstyles123 Quarter life crisis?

I’m having such a hard time. I can understand why many people in their mid twenties(mostly men) feel the need to be single to gain a sense of independence. However is it really worth it to completely give up on a five year loving relationship just to go back to sleeping with random girls? My ex was on bumble within days of breaking up with me, but also said he wasn’t going to date for a long time. He said we were “too comfortable” and that he didn’t want to work on our relationship anymore. If all of this is just to have a lot of random sex, that just makes me feel so sad that he’d rather do that then work on what we had. Can any men in their twenties help me see why this happens?? I feel like he’ll regret this when he gets this out of his system but I will never take him back after feeling so disrespected.
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2021.09.19 18:21 starvinmarvinmartian [USA-NY] [H] PayPal, Cash [W] Ducky One 2 mini

I'm looking for a Ducky One 2 Mini.
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2021.09.19 18:21 KhareMak Chaos.

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2021.09.19 18:21 Tight_Thought_781 Lost lanyard

Lost my lanyard last night at Rush it is unc Green with a yellow tie attached to it please let me know if you find it…. It had my room key 😭😭😭
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2021.09.19 18:21 C0LTyB0y Permanent sub4sub if you sub to my channel: hoosiereditz, i make football edits. Leave a comment when you subbed and leave your yt desc. I’ll sub back! My yt link is in the body text.

Yt link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCn-j875T_-e6VBZd1OK1_RA
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2021.09.19 18:21 Notfunnyvb How about Se(x) for Sec(x)

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2021.09.19 18:21 xXgrazykittenfanxX Trading these all for an good knife

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2021.09.19 18:21 akunke8yanglaindiban Lowongan Kerja PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Tbk Diutamakan Pria - Mantra Sukabumi - Mantra Sukabumi

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2021.09.19 18:21 Princess_Roar_Buddy Have u ever had marshmallows around a 🔥 campfire? 😀😋

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2021.09.19 18:21 twboi Azelf raid on me now, USA

Please add only 1 of the following FC
Mystic 9499 9181 1451
Valor 5024 2204 3187
I will delete my FC once I get 10 people. If there are more than 10 before I delete my FC, I will still add you later today, and you can decide whether you'd keep me in or remove me from your friend list.
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2021.09.19 18:21 Lightfiend "Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing." – Zen Proverb

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2021.09.19 18:21 SnooAdvice987 XL trim - photos ? Videos?

Are there any clear videos or photos of the XL trim out there?
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2021.09.19 18:21 FlubbedActor446 These What if dbs was dbz artwork was made by AnimeAjay, Editor-San, Trev and finally TotallyNotMark these artworks are amazing and you should check out both Ajay and Mark not my artwork wanted you guys to see if you hadn't seen this already :)

These What if dbs was dbz artwork was made by AnimeAjay, Editor-San, Trev and finally TotallyNotMark these artworks are amazing and you should check out both Ajay and Mark not my artwork wanted you guys to see if you hadn't seen this already :) submitted by FlubbedActor446 to Dragonballsuper [link] [comments]