I am just past the third realm. My thoughts on this game so far.

2021.09.19 19:37 SerialFreeloader123 I am just past the third realm. My thoughts on this game so far.

Specifically I just beat the "mysterious guy" after the third realm.
First off, don't spoil anything that happens after this point.
As for the game, I really like the new combat system. As someone who's favourite genre is stylish action games this is perfection or at least damn near it. It's so deep, fast, flashy and it's hard to find faults in it. It feels like it was made for stylish combos with the added focus on aerial combat, boost move combo extenders and boost strikes. Everything flows so beautifully.
I like the break mechanic which reminds me of stagger from FF13 and 7R which means you have to work on chipping down your opponents defenses before going all wacky woohoo cuhrayzee mode on them. I also like that they took the SG system from Berseria but made it not shitty and just a lot more simpler. You use an arte that costs one AG, it depletes one AG, you use one that costs two AG it depletes two and it seems to recover faster than it did in that game. Hell, I even prefer this to TP system from previous games like Vesperia whereas I wanted that back when I played Berseria. CP system is great and this was needed because in a lot of JRPGs you can just coast through as long as you keep the white mage alive and spam heal. Now there are true consequences to this and you have to ration it more. I also like how at least half the team are fun to play as(Alphen, Shionne and Dolahim for me) whereas in previous games only the lead character seemed to be any fun and the others just felt like they were covered in mud or some other fault that made them problematic or boring to play as. I like how each character is made more distinct with their own unique trait and boost move. I do feel like there is a bit too much of a disparity in difficulty between enemies and bosses however. Bosses are way too spongey in this game and boss fights are often just spamming reinging slash for like half an hour. One more pet peeve I have is that boost strikes should be done by holding down the D-pad for a split second so that you can use boost attacks to extend combos instead of going for the finisher but it doesn't bug me too much. They're usually just a few pixels away from death at that point anyway.
As for the story and characters, I find it kind of disappointing. If you like it fair enough but it just hasn't really clicked with me at all. Like some parts get me interested like when I first came to the earth realm and saw dahnans and rehnans living in unity but on the whole it just carries this overall "meh" feeling. There's a lot of abstract dialogue and the plot seems episodic with there being multiple realms they traverse between rather than an overarching plot that shifts forwards at regular intervals like in Vesperia or Berseria. It feels episodic like pokemon with the 8 gym leaders except there's 5 renan lords instead. The characters aren't really that interesting or likeable besides Dohlahim. I'd say the changes to skits really didn't help either. I absolutely loathe watching skits now, the new display just looks really weird and uncanney valley like the characters mouths aren't even matched up with the dialogue properly and it looks ugly compared to the previous simple boxes they had. It also seems slower now. Like literally slowed down more but maybe that's just me, idk. I think i'm reaching the halfway point so I hope it gets better soon. Otherwise, i'll just have to enjoy the gameplay instead.
As for everything else, the OST is kinda meh too. I prefer Vesperia's much more ambient soundtrack. A lot more memorable. The general aesthetic and vibe feels off for a tales game. It doesn't feel like an anime game outside of battle, the UI, skits and menus just feels bland. The visuals do look really nice however, especially so in battle. The cutscenes look so smooth on PS5 at 60fps and it shows during fight scenes. It would be nice if haptics was taken advantage of a bit more but it isn't that big of a deal. The more in detail overworld is great compared to previous tales games as well.
I'd say it's a decent game so far but held back by a lackluster story. But again, I probably haven't even reached the halfway point yet so I cannot judge for certain until I beat the game.
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2021.09.19 19:37 SoccerLiveGoals VIDEO: Borussia Dortmund 4-2 Union Berlin - All Goals and Highlights 19/09/2021

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2021.09.19 19:37 i4UFO Beyond Annoying Geico Lizard

Why can't they remove the lizard? Doesn't Geico that its been overplayed and super-annoying. The most "I want to shoot the tv moment' is when the lizard says "I have a flat tire" dramatically.... C'mon, can't Emu the Limu eat the lizard? I mean a cross-commercial collaboration Liberty and Geico, and Limu moseying along and sees the Geico lizard and Limu makes its noise and with a quick peck you just see the Geico lizard's feet protruding from Limu's beak and you hear the Geico lizard in his cockney accent let me outta hear (muffled) and then Limu tilt's his head up and you see the lizard's feet disappear as Geico lizard slides down Limu's gullet... can you see THAT as a commercial? That would attract both Geico and Liberty fans!
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2021.09.19 19:37 Chocolate-_-Mint look what I got today :D

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2021.09.19 19:37 IronWolve IN TEXAS

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2021.09.19 19:37 Ub3rSold4t Looking for advice on first k40

My dad wants to get a k40 to get started in laser cutting. Just hoping to get advice on what to look for / best cheap laser to get.
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2021.09.19 19:37 Academic_Switch_3134 Moving up in company

So tonight is my first night working and I was wondering what opportunities there are for quick advancement? I've been a general manager at a business for over 10+ years and want to move up quickly. I was basically the owner without my name being on the deed since it was a family owned business and the owner was never there. Thanks in advance!!
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2021.09.19 19:37 paparieku [HELP] [PS4] [DS3] help needed at undead settlement please

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2021.09.19 19:37 AjitiekWasHereFirst HELP ME FIND A SCHOOL!

Hi, I want to apply to a school in Rīga when I’m in the 10th grade. I want something with different “paths” (novirzieni) preferably cultural. I’m in 9th grade so I have time to think and look at my options.
Thank you for your time!
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2021.09.19 19:37 elemock Loki's mask from the movie The Mask

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2021.09.19 19:37 cambera21 5 days strong!

I’m gonna start this off by saying I’m a 24 year old bartender in the great drinking city of Milwaukee WI where we’re not only allowed to, but encouraged to take shots with customers. We had an open bar staff party on Tuesday and I probably (definitely) made a fool of myself in some way or another (everyone else was also too drunk to remember, but that’s beside the point). I woke up feeling awful and decided to take a day off from drinking. Then thursday came around and I decided to keep it going. By Friday I decided to try to make it a whole week. I’ve been lurking this page for a while hoping one day I could swear off alcohol for good but I wasn’t sure when the time would come.
This weekend was a long one with Summerfest and the city’s biggest bar crawl and I wanted to drink behind the bar so bad, even if it were just one shot. Saturday (the day of the bar crawl) was awful- I was extremely crabby and started getting a little shaky around 11 but I didn’t give in and that alone has me feeling on top of the world! I’ve finally been able to sleep a full 8 hours after getting home at 4 AM and just waking up not having booze breath feels incredible. I’m going to try to make it a whole month and go from there.
I’m not sure what my long term plan is. In a city that was built on beer and an industry where it’s my job to serve people alcohol, it’s extremely hard to not drink. Surprisingly all of my drinking friends have been incredibly supportive and my coworkers gave me extra breaks to step outside and breathe. I’d like to say I’m done for good, but I’m taking it day by day. My #1 goal for now is to eventually be more responsible with my drinking and make it more of a fun thing to do rather than part of my daily routine. I know this is such a small milestone but I truly can’t remember the last time I went this long without a drink and I’m proud of myself! After work tonight marks the start of my weekend and no, IWNDWYT
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2021.09.19 19:37 thehornydemonunder Time to uninstall this game too 😡 this is literally my 6 th 10x pull how much more do I need????

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2021.09.19 19:37 donovaNbaphomet "Please stay still for a minute"

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Value whom for?
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2021.09.19 19:37 Competitive_Wash_584 In Memorium: Tyler Griffin-Huston, 9 years old, Mauled to Death by 2 Pitbulls

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2021.09.19 19:37 reddit_feed_bot AnnCoulter: RT @nypost: San Francisco Mayor London Breed was caught breaking her own strict mask mandates to go clubbing https://t.co/fvqbjHO38j https://t.co/kIFTCfvewD

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2021.09.19 19:37 ShankYou29 Requesting r/GirlsBiceps due to mod inactivity for four years

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2021.09.19 19:37 snapekilledyomomma I don't think most people realize this but this era is the start of an end for the banking system.

Currently each country has their own fiat currency. They can practically print as much money as they like. And the big banks are the middle man between the the governments and the citizens. Everything goes through them. They set the price. We buy it at that price.
Now that crypto is growing, it's slowly changing the landscape of the the entire financial market. With decentralized cryptos, it becomes a more fair game for everyone involved. No single person or entity is in control. All the transactions are recorded publicly. And you no longer have to depend on the middle man to be a custodian of your money.
You essentially become your own bank. No more paying ridicules monthly account fees. No more limits on transactions. No more waiting many business days to send large amount of money to someone else. No more banking available only on business days. With crypto, it's 24/7 and 7 days a week non-stop.
So all in all, I think crypto will change our entire financial system in the upcoming years. It's the fastest and most efficient way to do business. It's the future. Banks are the thing of the past.
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2021.09.19 19:37 elfluffynator 40yr old fluffy M, with the sex drive of a stallion yet my wife has 0 sex drive. Her friend is hot and...

Soon she will be divorced and they both have 0 sex drive. So there's no hope for a threesome. I'm furiously sexual and can't do anything about it. I have everything a man could want in a wife but the sex is not there. FUCK PORN it's useless to me as I desire to pleasure and devour a woman sexually. If I cheat my life is destroyed and I'll be paying child support for many years. I can't even have a polygamorous relationship because she won't do it. I'm frustrated AF and I know that many women would love the sexual attention I love to give but I'm stuck being a sexually frustrated bastard!
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2021.09.19 19:37 kioken473 He was my pe teacher wtf is he doing here

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