Rule question about what chips commit you to a raise, and what chips commit you to a call

2021.09.19 19:57 Rahodees Rule question about what chips commit you to a raise, and what chips commit you to a call

If it's 20,000 to call, and 40,000 to raise, and a player puts in a 20,000 chip and two 5,000 chips without saying anything, is this committing him to a raise or to a call?
I had thought a call, but the dealer ruled raise (which had been the player's intention). It wasn't a big deal. But I am curious.
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2021.09.19 19:57 SubmariningSwan New insta Pics

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2021.09.19 19:57 steevo321 As a non-British living in the UK how did you get used to British people not having facial expressions when they talk? Did it unnerve you? Why did you think they were doing it? Did you ask why are their expressions so controlled (for example a smile doesn’t look spontaneous but controlled)

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2021.09.19 19:57 6t8fbird Is it possible to turn the SHFs shill attacks back against them? Another look into the potential crypto dividend

It was predicted in May that we would see several fake short squeezes before MOASS as an attempt to shake shares out of the paper hands. Here we are in the fourth price run up since January and we are back to trading sideways. The SHFs are also back to kicking the can down the road. The DTCC and DTC have adopted many new rules, yet we have seen no enforcement of them. Still, the DTCC, DTC and SEC continue to turn a blind eye on the SHFs illegal practices as they continue with their naked shorts and market manipulation.
The SHFs have spent millions paying shills to infiltrate the subs and spread FUD, create conflict between apes, and discredit the most active DD writers. They have been so successful dividing and conquering apes that we have gone from a single sub in January to almost a dozen subs dedicated to GME today. Yet the SHFs themselves cooperate with each other and the regulators are complacent in their deeds.
So, is it possible to flip the coin and turn the DTC and DTCC against the short sellers? Lets take a look at the potential NFT divided.
There is a very popular concept of an NFT that is mated to each and every original GME share. In theory, this would expose all synthetic shares and force the shorts to close their positions. This concept is based largely upon Overstock's NFT dividend. Although it was very successful in forcing a short squeeze For OSTK, it also created a cesspool of legal trouble for Overstock and its former CEO. It is also important to point out that OSTK only had contract/legal shorts to battle against. They did not have the problem of a f*ck-ton of naked shorts.
So....when the NFT is distributed, an equal number of tokens will be issued vs. the number of original shares. In other words, one share receives one token. There will be no tokens for synthetic shares. Of course, all registered shares will receive a token. all remaining tokens will be passed on to the DTCC for distribution. In theory, when they fail to distribute the NFT, Gamestop can then recall all of the shares and force the shorts to close. This theory overlooks the fact that in the past when companies demanded their stock shares returned to them, the DTCC and CEDE and Co. refused to comply. If GME presents the DTCC an impossible task with the NFT distribution, this could backfire and create a long, drawn out legal battle.
Another point to be made is in light of the Overstock saga, the DTCC and SEC uncovered a loophole that allows the DTCC to issue a cash equivalent in leu of the NFT. This means that if your shares are not registered and the DTCC determines that the NFT is worth $5, your broker account will gain $5 per share. Congratulations, you can now buy yourselves a Twinkie and a soda pop.
Unfortunately, they can also rule that a token that has never been circulated and sold on the open market has no value and they are not obligated to distribute the dividend.
At this point it may seem that I am against an NFT paired to stock shares. The opposite is true. I do think it is a good idea. I am just seeing too many loopholes for the shorts to escape through. Instead of looking into a single catalyst, I prefer multi-catalysts. We should throw everything possible at the shorts and see what sticks.
So lets move on with the NFT...a game token that can be traded like any other crypto coins. Prior to releasing an NFT dividend, Gamestop releases a trial run of game tokens. Lets say 50,000 tokens are offered exclusively to share holders with a purchase limit of 10 coins. 500,000 shareholders scramble to get their hands on one. There is an instant high demand for tokens, but there is a very limited supply.
The lucky apes who receive tokens are not greedy and sell to other apes within a few days for a nice profit. Yes, I said sell. This is not GME stock after all. We do not HODL the IPO token. We will receive them every three months as a dividend. This is the wrong time to get greedy. The next apes to get the token also sell within a few days for a nice profit. The cycle continues as the value of the token goes up.
RC being the nice guy that he is, fires a warning cannonball over the DTCC's bow. At $20 per token, he announces the NFT dividend. The DTCC is now on the hook to provide $20 to every synthetic share that the shorts have ever created. It has been estimated by other apes that the synthetic shares are 10x the float. Just to cover the float once at 56M shares at $20 it will cost the DTCC $1.12 billion.
The DTCC knows exactly how deep the shorts really are . They know that this fiasco developed under their watch with their approval. They know that they are in deep, deep shit.
And then the shit gets even three months another dividend will be issued. They know game token's big brother, Ethereum trades at $3400. They know that B*coin trades at $48k. Do I need to do the math for you little apes? Every banker who is reading this has brown underwear right now.
Every banking institution that is a member of the DTCC is liable for Kenny's f*ck-up. If they do not liquidate the shorts, the banks themselves risk becoming insolvent. Kenny, Steve, Gabe, Jeff and everyone else with open shorts is now the mortal enemy of the DTCC. All shorts will be liquidated. You can rest assured that the DTCC will also push the SEC to file criminal charges against the naked shorts.
With a conviction of securities fraud, Kenny and fiends will not be able to protect their personal assets from seizure. They will go to jail and they will be bankrupt.
BOOM! There's your catalyst, bitches! And to think...some of you little apes were getting excited over a Twinkie and a soda pop.
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2021.09.19 19:57 wallsflwr Is there a difference between j'aime joeur and j'ame faire or are they the same and interchangeable?

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2021.09.19 19:57 Puzzleheaded-Pin-710 Am I being petty?

Hi you guys I currently work Mon-Fri (I leave at 630a.m, get home at 5:15pm) I usually do all the cleaning and cooking. He rarely helps but when he does I’m very great full. His workload varies. He usually doesn’t leave the house until 9, maybe 10. Most weeks he doesn’t work everyday meaning he’s at home alone. But their are days his job makes him come home until 10. I’m not asking him to help on those days. He usually games until 2-3 in the morning. Which is fine he deserves to have his own thing. But I feel really overwhelmed. On the days he’s just home, sometimes you to three days in a row. He still asks me to cook and I come home to his mess and my mess. I have my kids (elementary age) every other week. I cook, clean and do laundry for us. Lately I just don’t feel appreciated. Yes he says thanks but he devotes all his time to gaming, and rarely helps me with anything. Because of this I made a cooking/cleaning schedule. He said he does appreciate me, but will do it. He’s been kind of quiet ever since and I feel bad as he’s really a great guy. A week before I decided to do this, we were fighting and he made a comment about me never doing anything, I replied that’s not true. He then said maybe once a week, and that he doesn’t need my help. He was angry, but it really bothered me. He did apologize. When he’s angry with me he also won’t eat the dinner I make him, which feels like a big waste of time. All of that (again he was sorry and was angry and I understand that but it made me really put things into perspective) Was I rude? (He never said I was I just feel bad)
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2021.09.19 19:57 DracoMalfoy173 oh no

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2021.09.19 19:57 oliveryana So, cube update

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2021.09.19 19:57 Senior-Bid-215 3 weeks, 2 pounds.. and a question.. while I can’t say I am still waiting to see more rapid change in my weight I did notice that I have to pee (sorry) more often. Especially last week I woke up at night several times which never happens! Does anyone else experience that?

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2021.09.19 19:57 Broken-Cora Manifesting an SP

Hi ya'll!!
I've been manifesting my ex for about two months and lately I've been dreaming about him and feeling as if everything is going to be alright. Does this mean that my manifestation is coming true?
Also, I saw him last week and he told me that he still loved me and everything but that rn he wanted to be alone and didn't want to come back. Even after all that he kissed me and everything seemed to be fine.
What does this mean???
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2021.09.19 19:57 TheMeltingSnowman72 Any subreddits discussing the simulation theory, that anyone knows of?

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2021.09.19 19:57 NighttoDawn Sypha the Mage Speaker fan art

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2021.09.19 19:57 PKK_King616 Aiden attending Anger Management Classes is now my WDL Headcanon. XD

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2021.09.19 19:57 teapartiesftw NSFW - Trying to find this necklace Lena Headey posted to her IG

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2021.09.19 19:57 SalmonGram My Home Screen took a dark turn this morning

My Home Screen took a dark turn this morning The image panel above got caught between 2 of the apps. I always thought Peppa looked a little shady.
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2021.09.19 19:57 chanceofsnowtoday The Darto family grows

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2021.09.19 19:57 gamyjay Airline Credit

Does the United Airlines Travel Bank still work for the Amex Platinum Airline Credit? If I purchase a Jetblue flight that costs ~$500, and use my ~36,000 TrueBlue Points, and remaining ~$140 with American Express Platinum, would the $140 trigger the Amex airline credit?
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2021.09.19 19:57 juhaszmark Normal maps not showing on CBBE

Hi guys looking for help here. I tried downloading mods with different normals for CBBE body but none of them showed up in game. I tried reinstaling tha game and all mods but it did not help. Do you guys have any idea what could mess up the normals? The normal map of the head and hands are working fine.
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2021.09.19 19:57 _KillFall6_ I genuinely don’t understand

Why is everyone in this game so unbelievably toxic, I just set sail, and had a brig chasing me so I anchor stopped, repeatedly said that I had nothing, waved, and they left me alone, and then like 10 seconds later a galleon rams me, I repeat that I have nothing, a guy jumps onto my sloop with a bomb barrel and blows it up. This game is literally garbage, there’s absolutely no motivation for me to play it because everyone is such a huge piece of shit. I’ve literally hit a point where I’m about to uninstall because wasting 2 or 3 hours on sailing around to get a small handful of chests just for some douchebags to come and slaughter me isn’t fucking fun. I’m seriously over it.
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2021.09.19 19:57 MrBigTunaFish Just a snoozin pug

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2021.09.19 19:57 SaltHeros Chai for 3, Oil on Board, 600mm*600mm, 2021

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2021.09.19 19:57 trishaanywhite We all know that we shYould invest in Yourself at This Project

We all know that we shYould invest in Yourself at This Project. And second one it's very promising project based on sharing information with each other and earn tokens for that. Isn't it cool? I am very interested to participate directly with this project. This project is very good and has great potential in the future. People are required to keep up with the project. #bsc #yarloo #yarl #ido
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2021.09.19 19:57 CurveOfTheUniverse [Homemade] Open-faced garden vegetable sandwich with egg and fermented hot sauce

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2021.09.19 19:57 Daiymas Top comment picks the next move, legal or not. Day 5, White cordons off a 3x4 area in the bottom left corner. Claims it's official police business.

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