2021.09.19 18:06 cynicalvick Hi, HELP!

Hi guys,
have a problem with my revolut account, I'm in the Irish Republic, after Brexit (dickheads) our IBAN numbers got switched to Lithuania so we could carry on with the Euro thing etc. I wanted to link my Revolut account as a payment option on my website, but none of the providers will recognise it as I'm still showing as a UK IBAN.
I've tried to sort this and so far I'm on day three of a vague conversations with multiple possible chat-bots in the app who don't really seem to be 'getting' what I'm trying to say.
" I have not been switched to Lithuanian IBAN, I am still showing as UK"
Apparently this was meant to be sorted for everyone in Ireland by June 2021 at the latest. Can't find anything online of this happening to anyone else, can't leave anything on their forums because I'm not registered for long enough, even though I've had Rev for three years now.. It's getting really fckn annoying...

Any help? or do I need to just ditch revolut and get N26 card or something... pppffffttt...
Anyone?.. thanks.
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2021.09.19 18:06 VexImmortalis What does the F in orphan stand for?

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2021.09.19 18:06 RLCD-Bot [Dominus GT] [Crimson Dominus GT: Splatter] [Burnt Sienna Hot Rod] [Burnt Sienna Camo: Inverted]

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2021.09.19 18:06 stoakesf Can’t stream FuboTV well on iPhone unlimited wireless

My odd current circumstances are such that my best TV viewing option last year was to cut the Comcast cord and stream a good cord-cutter to iPhone with an unlimited cellular data plan. I switched to FuboTV in late October 2020 streaming well over good Verizon 4G. As late as early August 2021, I’d record 10-hour tennis channel events to My FuboTV Cloud DVR, able to smoothly time-shift. I was loving my FuboTV.
Starting in late August 2021, things changed immensely, a real nightmare. I became aware for sure the morning of 27 Aug 2021 when French Ligue 1 soccer streamed horribly (like 360p visual quality) on FuboTV app, nice and crisp on BeIN Sports Connect app. As luck would have it, my then iPhone 6s gave me its worst “weak battery scare” ever later that day, so I got an iPhone 12 Pro along with a switch to T-Mobile Magenta Max.
Nothing changed switching to T-Mobile. Nothing on FuboTV app streams with anything approaching nice HD quality. But dozens of other iPhone apps stream great, like ESPN, FoxNow, NBC Sports, YouTube, Netflix, Roku (Showtime), AppleTV, Paramount+, etc etc they all stream fine. Now I use my FuboTV login to other apps to view live TV. I cannot pleasantly view my huge 750+ hours of stuff on my FuboTV Cloud DVR.
I’ve had a long-running ticket discussion with the FuboTV staff. Despite tools like Ookla Speedtest, Open Signal, and others saying I get from 60 to 150 Mbps download rate, FuboTV says the problem is that Netflix’s measurement tool (fast.com) only reports a download rate of between 1.5 and 3 Mbps. Still, I stream Netflix well on Basic plan. (Netflix says it is SD 480p but it looks much better than that to my eyes, including when I cast it to a bigger 720p TV via Apple’s Lightning to Digital Adapter and HDMI cable.
I keep telling FuboTV staff that something must have changed in late August. They’ve said no. I find it impossible to believe and I am utterly gobsmacked by it all. When I launch a video on FuboTV app, it streams good quality for roughly 10 seconds, then buffers, then returns low quality. Typically worse for a long DVR item. Time-shifting is impossible as attempts cause buffering then a return to where streaming was occurring. My iPhone settings for Cellular are “5G on” and “Allow more data on 5G”.
Things are only marginally better launching FuboTV in a browser (Safari or Chrome) and requesting desktop site. There, time-shifting works although with low-quality video.
Anybody got some helpful advice for me? I’m going nuts over this. I want to stay with FuboTV but this streaming catastrophe of the past several weeks has driven me to research competitors.
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2021.09.19 18:06 The_Eight_Doctor Fake GoFundMe campaign has been exposed by Ali Maisam Nazary. Report it if you can and donate to the real campaign which is pinned in this sub.

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2021.09.19 18:06 madison_spencer Is my rat allowed here? 🥺

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2021.09.19 18:06 RecommendationOpen65 Did i do the funny?

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2021.09.19 18:06 thebelsnickle1991 During World War II, a Great Dane named Juliana was awarded the Blue Cross Medal. She extinguished an incendiary bomb by peeing on it.

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2021.09.19 18:06 Nixi_Sik_0920 $15 Sofi Instantly Withdrawable

All you have to do is download the app and open a money account,takes less than 5 mins and you instantly get $15.
Use my link to sign up and you’ll get $15 cash rewards. https://sofi.app.link/lyopQyUyDjb
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2021.09.19 18:06 AljunaibiiM Spent the too much time on this drawing, it flopped the hardest out of my posts on Instagram. Hopefully it goes well here :/

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2021.09.19 18:06 Chimeguy22 💵💸Free instant $5 for signing up for a Step account💸💵

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2021.09.19 18:06 1900XIII Hpaay Mid-Autumn Festival

Hpaay Mid-Autumn Festival Dear Master,
We will be away from the office from 9/19 to 9/21 in observance of the Mid-Autumn Festival, but our customer service team will remain on duty. Thank you for your understanding.

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2021.09.19 18:06 Jacques-0-Lantern Getting Tactical | Onward VR

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2021.09.19 18:06 KAISER_JOHANN_27 Flag of Hieland (1950-present) (Context in comments)

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2021.09.19 18:06 whydosereditexist100 This is cool just exploring the new beta

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2021.09.19 18:06 bookbutterfly1999 What IF: Tony Stark died in almost all the universes, trying to and succeeding to protect their universes... and we have an episode that is essentially all the dead Tony's being squirreled away in a pocket dimension just before their deaths...?

Would make for an interesting episode for sure!
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2021.09.19 18:06 RLCD-Bot [Dominus GT] [Crimson Dominus GT: Splatter] [Burnt Sienna Hot Rod] [Burnt Sienna Camo: Inverted]

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2021.09.19 18:06 dwightsredshoes [US][H] Amiibo, Games for Switch, 3DS, Gamecube, N64, PSP, PS1/PS2/PS3, Xbox, Saturn and Pokémon Strategy Guides [W] PayPal

Hello. Have the following games.
Shipping to Cont US $4 depending on weight. Willing to ship internationally.
Ena - new $34
Goat Simulator - German like new $29
Untitled Goose Game - like new $20
Wii U
Monster hunter 3 ultimate -cib $14
ZombiU- cib $5
Art Academy - like new $15
Brain Age Concentration Training - cart only $15
Lord of the Rings Return of the King - disc only $8
NFL Blitz 2003 - disc only $5
All games cart only:
Waverace 64 - $13
Fallout 4 - like new $8
Final Fantasy 15 Deluxe Steelbook with bluray - cib like new $28
Buzz Master Quiz - cib $4
Lumines - cib $4
Ridge Racer - cib Pal $12
Socom Fireteam Bravo - cib $5
Socom Tactical Strike - cib $5
Valhalla Knights - umd only $5
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 - cib $5
Littlebigplanet 3 - Sealed Pal $36
Naughty Bear - disc only $5
Air blade - disc only scratched $2
Ecco Defender of the future - disc only $4
Firefighter FD18 - disc only $16
Getaway - cib $5
Final Fantasy X - cib $5
Flipnic - cib like new $50
Indiana Jones Emperors Tomb - disc only scratched $2
Jaws unleashed - disc only scratched $3
Stuntman - disc only $3
Tmnt - Disc only $5
Zone of the Enders - disc only $4
Duke Nukem Time To Kill - cib like new $12
Defender - disc and manual only $4
Goldeneye Rogue Agent - cib $6
Gungriffon Allied Strike - disc only $4
Land of the dead fiddlers green - disc only $42
Pariah - disc only $3
Second Sight - disc only $3
Xbox 360
Final Fantasy 13 - cib $5
Rage - like new $4
Sega Rally Revo - disc and manual only $4
Greatest Nine - jp disc and manual only $3
Tomb raider - disc only $14
Victory Goal - jp disc and manual only $3
Strategy Guides
Pokémon Sun and Moon Vault Edition Official Alola Region Strategy Guide and collectors edition official Alola Region Pokédex and Postgame adventure Guide w/ 2 packets of concept art and maps - $45
POKEMON Trading Card Game For Gameboy OFFICIAL NINTENDO PLAYER'S GUIDE - No Card - $15
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2021.09.19 18:06 PepperyMintys Me when someone says Among us but furry Edition be like.

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2021.09.19 18:06 FSDLAXATL WL stamped calipers on 2004 limited

Does anyone know the skivvy on calipers marked WL? From forum posts I've determined that WH calipers came on the sport editions by default, and WG calipers came on other editions, and Limited have the option for WH BUT where do the WL calipers come in? Can I run 16 Inch wheels with WL brake calipers or no?
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2021.09.19 18:06 Babydwught anyone feel like boycotting heb? [immediacy]

I feel that immediacy is too stressful for some departments and has put an unnecessary burden on curbside employees. This downward spiral has led me to believe that heb is falling too much in line with the likes of Amazon and less in line with what they're "about" (heart of people, being good people and whatnot). Heb has been feeling less like a family and more like a work til you drop place. That's just my hot take. Don't actually do anything that can cost your job, im just frustrated and need to vent
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2021.09.19 18:06 devilishEssence666 Quick trophy question

do all the items needed for the survey trophies spawn only in the main areas of the game, or can they spawn in the side areas (dark blue door)? thanks in advance.
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2021.09.19 18:06 taztazzo Me identifiquei

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2021.09.19 18:06 TaylorSwift_Karim Bizde boş adam değiliz yani sen anlıon

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2021.09.19 18:06 lorafen Varys & Illyrio.

Am I the only one who think someone of this two guys is going to betray the other if the circumstances allows? And in the end the biggest plot twist between them will be their downfall, or at least one of them? I have feelings they're plotting at each other, both are aware of that, while pretend to be friends with the same endgame? Or at least something will happen unexpectedly because of someone (Tyrion? Daenerys? Littlefinger? Doran?) and divide their "friendship".
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