Matt, I really am sorry.

2021.09.19 18:08 doublecrossfan Matt, I really am sorry.

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2021.09.19 18:08 Jity710 Mesprit on us - but please be online next 20 min - we will try to get a few groups in

Choose just one 9246 4120 9826 1351 9564 8917
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2021.09.19 18:08 Grotky Cheap boost [EUW, EUNE, Turkey, Russia] [Challenger]

I'm challenger player, I can boost from I4 up to Masters. Duo +50%.
Discord: Warol#8358
Vouch thread:
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2021.09.19 18:08 Daaanielll I would like to buy a kart.

Where can i buy a new decent kart? I tried searching on the internet but i got no results.
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2021.09.19 18:08 MellowFellow1 27 m4a lazy afternoon hookup

Any females or feminine men want to meet up and fool around? I have kik if you want pics. I'm strictly a top so would be looking for a bottom. Please be around my age.
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2021.09.19 18:08 saturnmoon89 Tom Holland and Zendaya in Napa Valley yesterday (September 18, 2021)

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2021.09.19 18:08 Masauwu Challenger 2, what a sexy beast (clip from the Bovington stream)

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2021.09.19 18:08 fillman86 are land lords lords?

I'm a land lord now, does this mean that I can refer to myself as a lord. Is there any legal ramifications for doing so?
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2021.09.19 18:08 abhikarn_ng Our Latest client build!

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2021.09.19 18:08 FloatingToa5t Ancient Gold

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2021.09.19 18:08 diverareyouok How’s this for a bio? I’m really drawing a blank on what to write that doesn’t sound boring. What should I add/remove/change?

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2021.09.19 18:08 Gimpford Survivability a big issue in PoE 3.15, would appreciate some help for a new player pls ..

Hi guys,
As title says im struggling with survivability in poe 3.15. Ive been playing poe for about 3 weeks & this Ranger DE is my second character, my first being a zombie necromancer. This ranger Deadeye uses toxic rain, with Immortal Call & Enduring Cry for defenses. I had no problems with the campaign atall, sailed through it & thoroughly enjoyed it with the ranger but now I have hit maps its a real struggle to level. I consistently get one shotted even with immortal call auto activating & enduring cry manually activated. This happens even on low tier maps with no modifiers atall [yup, basic 'white' maps lol]. Basically if there is a large group of mobs with a sub boss or 2 its most likely I will get one shotted, or hit with dots that have the same effect as getting one shotted. I am careful not to run head first into mob groupings, always use my flask to remove any bleed dots but it seems as soon as I agg them they just rush me & even if IC & EC can keep me alive for a second or 2 I end up getting nobbled as the flask heal just doesnt seem to cut the mustard..its either not enough healing or more often than not I have used all charges to negate bleed dots & then get killed because everything is on cooldown. Ive tried kiting but either the mobs are so fast its ineffective or I get hit with a stun & death swiftly ensues anyways.
Toxic rain does reasonable damage once the dots kick in & I think my gems are pretty much where they should be but its still a real struggle. Toxic Rain is mana hungry but I have got that under control pretty much & dont suffer from mana issues anymore. My elemental resistances are all over 100% with Chaos at about 2% at present, with HP at just under 3k. I thought that I could just do some low tier maps to get better gear & level up a bit & solve the survivability issues but if I cant even do unmodded tier 1-5 maps without dieing all the time it makes it hard to progress this build.
This is my character page ..
I should also say that I am oldskool & dont do the 'path of trading' thing, so I only use stuff I loot myself, although I thought this ranger was reasonably well setup until I hit maps.. lols.
I have been looking at the SSF HC ladders & have noticed that Gladiator seems to be used by more than 95% of the top players & was wondering if Ranger Deadeye is capable of doing even low tier endgame content after the recent nerfs? I dont want to play HC but it would at least be nice to be able to do the atlas without it taking 2 hrs to gain 1 level! The main reason I like arpg's is to try out different classes and builds at endgame, but if only one or two builds are viable that sort of kills it for me. I have also looked at several ranger build guides but the problem is they are all 'path of trading' dependant, making the items they use out of my reach at my current lvl/build. Usually in previous arpgs ive played [Diablo, Grim Dawn, Titan Quest] id just put in alot of hrs to gain the gear & levels I need to make the build stronger but Im unable to do that with the constant loss of XP from deaths.
So in short .. Pls Help! Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, I really want to get into this game but dieing constantly is somewhat soul destroying xD
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2021.09.19 18:08 Cnx_Geger_119 We both cheated on eachother and we want to work it out.

I cheated on my wife when I was drunk and she found out. Some time went but and she decided to cheat on me. I found out when I saw a message on her phone. We argued and we decided to continue working on eachother. But I just don't trust her anymore. We had 2 kids at that time she got pregnant and I thought the baby was not mine. She assured me that the baby is mine. While she was pregnant I still continued to talk to others women NC I thought she was talking to other men. She found out at 32 weeks pregnant. She still stayed with me. After the baby was born everything was OK for a while but I still didn't trust her. And I continue to talk to others women. She almost left me but she is still here with me. I promised her I will not give up on us but I need help.
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2021.09.19 18:08 Sentineljimbo H: 83 Canned Meat Stew W:80 Leader bobbleheads

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2021.09.19 18:08 AnnaMykhailivna Coronavirus dares to take away the most precious things

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2021.09.19 18:08 ArisePhoenix How do I use the old style of naming Trainer sprites for 1.9?

All of my Trainer Sprites are all Trainer 0[Number] (all my trainers have less than 3 digit IDs), but 1.9 has all the sprites named after the Trainer Type, the Wiki says you can either use the id or the Trainer Type, but if I delete the Trainer typed named one but keep the old sprite the sprite just vanishes what do?
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2021.09.19 18:08 ThincThru Adoriasim: HOI4 SEPARATIST TREE PATHS & DECISIONS

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2021.09.19 18:08 throwaway564464 smartER video wallpaper doesnt work

i tried like all the plugins to get the live wallpapers but when i apply it it shows a black screen i select the path to the video i tried tweaking the settings different formats different videos different plugins and nothing seems to work
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2021.09.19 18:08 Jackaboyyyy My Nine Inch Nails CDs so far, which one should I get next?

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2021.09.19 18:08 three-one-seven A weekend of tri-tip!

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2021.09.19 18:08 Tacomaster33 Investing Psychology 101

When buying or selling a stock it is important to stick to your reasons and not lose confidence in your reasons or stock. You will have losing trades, just like you will have winning trades, neither makes you a genius or a dumbass, it just means you may have analysed incorrectly or missed something. Now what if you are getting outperformed and you want to FOMO to increase your performance, well who is to say the stock wont go down the next night? If we look at it long term Forbes has an interesting article where they discuss an experiment involving monkeys throwing darts at random stocks.
Now would you put 100k in with a monkey or with say Buffett even though over the past 10 years he has struggled to outperform the market? If you said the monkey…well, you could simulate this yourself and you should be rich soon! But for those of you who said Buffett somehow, presumably you came to this conclusion because he has a proven track record, and you know the effort and knowledge he has put into stocks. So how could a monkey possibly do so well? In the article its explained that out of the 1000 companies the monkeys could choose from, the smaller and less weighted companies had better growth each year. This is because the top 100 make up such a large % that if they do poor it creates a very bias picture, this is also the same in our markets with the big 4 making up 19% of the XJO. The banks over the past year however have each outperformed the market by over double, this means all you had to do to outperform the XJO over the past year is buy the big 4! However, going long term nobody expects the big 4 to outperform the XJO by double every year.

So how does this relate to not FOMOing into random shit you don’t understand but everyone makes money on? Well there will be plenty of chances in the future and as Buffett likes to look at it, you are playing a game of baseball where you don’t need to swing at pitches outside of your strike zone, wait for a pitch in your sweet spot which you understand and then go heavy. Just because someone is hitting home runs in the bottom right of the strike zone, doesn’t mean you will if you swing at them, so have some patience and trust your own analysis. I don’t like penny mining/medical stocks, so I don’t touch them, that doesn’t mean they’re all shit obviously. Use your knowledge and what you understand to pick stocks you understand, and this will stop you from wanting to FOMO. Once you realise every few months or so, there will be something new which everyone appears to be making money on, you should also realise that it will die down and there will also be people bag holding. There is nothing worse than having a large loss in a stock you don’t understand after buying a stock you don’t understand…and I have done that more than enough times.
The other thing to consider is people like to talk about their wins much more than their losses and for obvious reasons. This means that stocks which are doing great or have already gone on a run are getting discussed while stocks which are fading away or lagging behind are not getting as much discussion, hence why it seems like everyone is making money all the time. Now you might say, but majority of the time theres gains, which is true as the stockmarket isn’t a 0 sum game because it slowly goes up. But lets look at it from a casino perspective, more often than not people lose because its rigged, but you rarely here about the people who gambled their savings away, yet you do hear about the people who won life changing jackpots and so on. Now we all know gambling your savings away isn’t smart, but at the time people aren’t in a logical frame of mind and it can be the same with stocks, so by forcing yourself to be sticking to what you know where the odds are in your favour you have a better chance of winning and it removes the urge to FOMO.
Holding a stock with some conviction is the exact same! Lets pretend you bought a company you really like, have a full understanding of, management are great and you think its of great value! GREAT…But the share price drops 15%, well does that mean you should sell? This is where having an exit strategy is important and is what you should consider when you first buy a stock and will automatically stop this issue. Because I’m not creative I’m going to steal another Buffett idea, if you look at the price of stocks as a happy/grumpy person either offering you expensive/cheap stocks then you will be less likely to panic. Lets say you buy a house, someone comes and offers you 20% less this week because he is in a grumpy mood, well you wouldn’t sell would you? The house isn’t magically worth 20% less, same for a stock. So if you buy a stock long term and fundamentally nothing has changed then why panic? As saying that its important to have some sort of exit strategy which I went over in the last post to an extent. So essentially have some confidence and pick what you understand!
Last one is understanding what you are trying to achieve? If you are trying to become a millionaire within the next month and only have 100k….well then you are going to need some insane luck and some insane fooken rockets! So buying the banks stocks over the past year even though they are up around 60% is not good enough? There is money to be made in boomer stocks, penny stocks and mid cap stocks…but understanding what you know and what your goals are is the important thing. This will create confidence in your picks and make you more comfortable with the market. I would suggest playing around with some ideas and strategies and finding what works for you, now sure you will probably end up with a loss, so don’t leverage yourself up or go all in on one idea just because it may have worked a couple times.
Special mention for the past performance does not equal future performance line investment companies put at the end. This is a good idea and something to keep in mind for your own investing, as with the banks we know they wont have a 60% return each year, same as you should know whatever the latest FOMO trend is wont continue every year and eventually something new will pop up. Late 90’s it was tech, early 2000’s it was property, 2019/20 was BNPL, 2021 so far has been miners…now im sure out of those you don’t have the same expertise in all, so why would you chase all of them? To finish this off with a current example, I know FMG has been getting a lot of mentions lately due to how far it has fallen, but for anyone who wants to look at them you only need to consider 3 things, what is a cyclical stock? What were they 3,5,10 years ago? Do you understand the impact of macro conditions on the stock? If any of the above answers don’t make sense for you like they don’t for me then move on to something you are confident in and do understand, there will be another chance!
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2021.09.19 18:08 AnyFaithlessness4182 [Homemade] these avocado. Foodie what do you all think? 😜

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2021.09.19 18:08 InstructionIcy4354 H: BE15 gp, BE1a asshead, AAE90 gp, FE50 flamer, MuE90 flamer, and VE15c cryo W: legacy offers

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2021.09.19 18:08 niuz-bot Cum a “iertat” Mircea Toma Antena 3 și România TV de amenzi în cazul “medicului minune” Flavia Groșan - [Dezinformare & fake news]

Consiliul Național al Audiovizualului a dezbătut emisiunile cu "doctorița minune" Flavia Groșan la 6 luni după difuzarea acestora și le-a sancționat cu simple somații. La propunerea lui Mircea Toma.
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.09.19 18:08 softest-variety An epic crossover!!

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